Monday, January 26, 2015

What are you looking forward to?

First month of 2015 almost over already - times flies when you're having fun. Last night I send out my 2-weekly schedule-notecard to the team with all the planned features, shoots and other content for the next two weeks and I realized again how much great stuff these people keep delivering to this blog and the SL community.

For example - we started with the 2015 series of VIE Femme's. I did ask Rachel if we should go to a monthly Femme instead of 2015 but she insisted that there are plenty of amazing potential Femme's in Second Life to keep this feature 2-weekly easily. Of course when I thought about her answer some more I had to agree - there really are a lot of amazing woman in Second Life - if anyone experienced that and knows it's me *grins*.

I do still owe you all a special feature with Alina Graf who was voted Femme 2014 and I promise it will still come - in between a week of fever and some rl pretending to be very busy and important I just didnt get around to it. No worries tho - we have plenty of time before the next Femme of the year is elected ;)

And to ease your minds - we're not gonna do a 2015 contest with all 24 Femme's that we will feature this year. Every 3 months we will ask you to select a Femme of that quarter of the year so in the end we'll have only 4 to choose from in the final polls... anyways - I'll stop daydreaming of Femme's now... there's still a lot of time to to the end of  2015 and lots of good and exciting stuff to happen before all that....

Which brings me to ask you all a question - what are the things you are most looking forward to related to SL this year? Second Life 2.0, Retroville, the Sexiest Awards, finally shooting your first machinima or finally designing your very first piece of SL clothing? Or, or, or... something completely different? Try to think about it for a minute and let us know in the comments.

And finally (before I let you go to perve all on this blog) a quick reminder: last few days to do the Men Only Hunt ... it really got some great stuff!

remember you all: it's all just fun and pixels!
Thorgal McGillivary

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