Saturday, January 24, 2015

Clublife: Bare Assets

Finally... Saturday night! another clublife feature by Domino Dupre. This week Domino visited Lucrezia Teardrop  at Bare Assets:

The club is a nice relaxed atmosphere with plenty of seating and a library where any man can come and relax and seek out many different pleasures.  The club hosts a variety of parties with the premier events being Undie Monday where the girls dress in the sexiest lingerie for everyone's pleasure.

Spins around the pole, her young firm body has a slight sheen of moisture from her time dancing, watches as gentleman walks into the club and sits in the comfortable chair.

Moves slowly to the music, looking down at the handsome man hoping to catch his eye as he scans the club and looks at the other firm bodies dancing on their own poles.

Smiles as the well built man slides a tip in her garter, slides off the stage to straddle his leg, moving her body against it, the silk of her tiny panties pushing into her damp folds as they glide across the material of the man's beautiful suit "mmmm Thank you so very much for your generous tip, sir." 

Slides back up the stage and slips her bra off watching it fall to the floor giving a lil wink at her guest.

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