Saturday, January 10, 2015

Clublife: The Brewery

Finally... Saturday night! another clublife feature by Domino Dupre. This week Domino visited Ali Lancrae at The Brewery:

Having been immersed in SL's adult entertainment side since first joining several years ago, I have danced at many clubs - along the way working at one or another of Misty's clubs and now at her latest, The Brewery. With a relaxed atmosphere and music ranging from blues to country to rock, and with a wide selection of luscious, warm and welcoming dancers from around the world, themed events, contests and a fun mix of sexy visitors, The Brewery is a destination to enjoy!

Senses her flesh warming as tiny capillaries swell with her lust.. a slight rose flush spreads rapidly from just above her dark pubis.. up  her tummy, racing across her heavy breasts and up her neck.. pinking her skin.. her breathing slows, as within her soft, dark eyes her pupils dilate in an instant - like a shutter-click.. 

her heart rate quickens and deepens to a steady, strong pulse.. she's ready for anything tonight.. her senses enhanced and searching for sweet male musk.. her own irresistible pheromones pushing out through tiny pores..  her scent hanging gently on the room air.. 

Unclasps the snap at the back of her sleek, toned thigh as the black sheer stocking slips down to her knee.. garter strap dangling free.. exposed flesh encountering the cooler air as a patch of tiny goosebumps spreads over her fragrant, silken skin.. Slips her warm bareness slowly and sensually down the entire length of the cold steel pole.. easing her adorable tush onto the hardwood stage, she glides delicate hands across her full, plush breasts, teasing her hardening nipples with manicured fingertips.. her deep, smoky eyes taking in the fine gentleman before her.. a slow, inviting smile takes possession of her soft, full lips..

Stands and slides her little thumbs inside the band of her sheer, silk thong, guiding it down to her ankles, gracefully stepping free.. she slinks over the edge of the stage and onto the gentleman's rather firm lap, applying her ample, warm cheeks liberally to his urgency.. gliding gently as a feather's touch, slowly up.. and then down its length.. she sucks his soft and sensitive earlobe in between her lush, inviting, strawberry lips.. flicking softly side-to-side with her curious, wet pink tongue-tip.. biting down gently, she whispers hot and close.. "Thanks for the swell tip, sailor.."

Smiling brightly, she swings one long, slender leg over his stylish raven hair and smooth as a cat, she lights back onto the stage.. once round her pole she comes to face him, and fixing her alluring gaze directly into his deep blue pools.. she winks.

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