Thursday, January 22, 2015

Amazing: Second Life A different perception

I first read about this SL machinima here on New World Notes. Lately I have been seeing some spectacular SL movies when it comes to graphics. This one is a great example of that and as you can read in the article on NWN and as worded in the machinima itself it was created to do just that - prove that SL isn't about shitty graphics and ancient technology.

The video is created by Kaya Angel on the (well-known) sim "Angel Manor Estate" he created. The video showcases his sim and builds in an amazing way.

I do feel that comment on Youtube (that whas mentioned on NWN) is somehow right tho (despite NWN not agreeing). It all looks amazing but I also feel things are often way to shiny in a weird way when you crank up the gra[hics in SL.

Having said all that - hell yes.. I am jealous that I can't produce graphics like that for my own machinima and keep the action smooth at the same time. Makes me wonder what kind of hardware Kaya runs :) Oh and if parts look familiar - yes I also used one of his builds for the pictures with the erotic story yesterday "Lust for Knowledge".

Another graphics-wise great looking (and/but nsfw) machinima right here: "Sorority vs AV club" from Travis Wagner.

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