Monday, January 19, 2015

Running late...

Due to illness (just some fever nothing to worry about) we're running a little late with our erotic story for this week (as always planned for second Monday on a cycle). The story is done - the pictures are not so I had to delay for a bit...  hopefully I'll get it done Tuesday (which is today already? timezones are confusing for a blond like me) or Wednesday - all I need is for myself to feel a bit better and some naughty nerdy looking female model willing to pose with/for me. Just watch the notices in the well-known SL groups.

Other news; previous post was our 100th post on this blog!! Yay for our team! (and have to be honest I almost didn't even notice that fact...) Just know that we have a lot more comming for you all!

And me, myself and I is nominated for a Second Life Porn Star Award in the category "Best Cock"... of course... I put so much effort in developing that character that I was expecting "Best Actor" or "Best Supporting Actor" but at least with this nomination I don't have to wonder if I'll be winning right?

Anyways - back to sweaty, stinking bed for arrogant me... hope to see you all again soon in better shape! (me at least - nothing wrong with your shaped and curves...)

all just fun and pixels,


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