Wednesday, January 28, 2015

VIE's Femme: Leannan Wolfgang

text and images by Rachel Swallows

Leannan (or Suff) is an award winning porn actress, active on the scene and what you would call a veteran. She has her fingers in many pies, making poses for her store Erotipose, photography and movie making, she also runs one of the grids biggest hunts 4 times a year.

This 'Hunt for your inner slut' is hugely popular, with the hunt item being a golden penis and usually taking in at least 69 stores, I am told that's her lucky number. She has also recently become a staff photographer and hunt organiser for Busted Magazine.

So here she is, starring ïn another amazing Femme shoot by Rachel:

-- Leannan Wolfgang --

Name: Leannan Wolfgang (legacy name: Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)
Favorite activities on SL: Spending time with my other half, posemaking, sex, coordinating hunts, erotica, hobby photography, building
Guilty Pleasures: I am absolutely addicted to erotica in SL, almost every part of it:)
Ambitions: I want to become well-known for my pose-making skills, I want my hunt (HYIS) to be a huge success, and to learn mesh so that I can create my own line of erotica decor and accessories. I also want to practice videography.
Turn-ons: Brains, open-mindedness, British accents apparently...LOL 
Turn-offs: Drama, high-school mentality, lying, bad skin, heavily pierced faces and cocks (sorry guys)
SL People I admire: Zee (Kantatas) from Cleavage, Indyra Seigo, Editorial Clarity, Strawberry Singh, Rachel Swallows, Tatiana Easterwood
If there's one SIM you need to visit its: Chakryn Forest.  Honestly, I have been on SL for a VERY long time, and out of all the places I have visited, Chakryn is the one place I always go back to visit when I need a zen moment:)

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