Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Story Time: Lust for knowledge

by Thorgal McGillivary, pictures by Thorgal - model Anyka. Story is in third-person form because it was written to be read on voice by Thorgal.

There she was. Cute lady - pretty in that nerdy kind of way. Sitting almost hidden inside her book in the middle of this old enormous and pretty much deserted library. This was a first for me in more then one way. It had been a while since I visited a library (I love to relax and read but after my college days I quickly switched to e-books on my couch), I don't think I had ever been at a library on a Saturday evening (which explains why the place was almost empty) and finally my services were send as a birthday gift today.

Now I had been a birthday present before several times during my escort career but never before without the lucky birthday girl knowing about it and to make it even harder - she wasn't supposed to know at all. Good, so this was going to be exciting for the both of us then - I might actually have to work for this one.

About two weeks ago I got a phone-call from one of my regular clients. She wanted me to be the birthday present for her best friend. Beautiful but silent type, bookworm, some might even say nerd. She used to work in the library during her college years but still spends a lot of her free time there helping out and reading about anything and everything. I was told to find her there even on this Saturday evening of her birthday.

I sat down across from her and tried to not be to obvious about it. I spread some books and papers out in front of me and realized that the not being obvious was kind of lost with me sitting across from her in an otherwise empty place.

As I checked her out she looked up at me and gave me a quick smile. My client didn't exaggerate all, this woman looked amazing. Her tight pencil skirt, the business like white-shirt with the top buttons opened teasing the hell out of anyone looking only held back by the strict look of her gorgeous eyes behind her schoolteachers glasses. As she stood up from the table and walked over to a nearby shelf with books I noticed her legs, ending in sexy black stiletto heels. She had the tip of the arm of her glasses in her mouth now, clearly pondering something. I could have sworn her nipples were hard already peeking against the white fabric. I was wondering if I had been to obvious while at the same time couldn't help imagining my hard excitement in between her lips instead.

She turned around and walked back at the table and asked me "there seems to be nobody else around today, but I help them out a lot - is there anything I can help you with this evening?". This simply was to good to be true. Either I had been to obvious but she was so needing she played along... or she really was innocent and nerdy and didn't have a clue what she just did. Good thing I came prepared: "Well for this assignment I'm currently working on I need to do some research on Human Sexuality - and I thought I might look up some books on the subject to get started?". A small almost invisible grin formed on her lips "Sure thing, I'll be right back with everything you need" she said with my eyes on her incredible ass as she walked to a nearby bookshelf. I watched as she climbed the ladder to get some books from the top-shelf. The perfect angle to see up her skirt and I was surprised to discover a cute hot pink thong under there.

She came down off the ladder and sat down beside me. Me being to obvious and whether or not she needed it was no longer a question "you look like you could use an introduction? some help?" she asked and I simple nodded yes as she layed one of the books out in front of me and leaned over to point something out letting her breasts trailing my arm. I could feel how hard her nipples were through her thin shirt as they grazed my skin. Somehow she made me blush as she seemed to continue to take initiative in this arousing fantasy "It's pretty hard... to do research into Human Sexuality unless you start with some.. hands on research" she said, barely above whisper. She took my hands and place them on her breasts, inviting me to grope her. I looked around quickly and we still seemed to be the only two present in the library. This was going to be a very exciting Saturday evening.

As I leaned over my hands were all over her beautiful tits and my lips found her neck. She moaned in soft ecstacy, breaking the silence of the library atmosphere, as I playfully bit her and ran my teeth along the bottom of her earlobe. I felt her body shiver as I slides my fingers through her long silk-soft brown hair. I felt her grab the back of my neck as she returned my passionate kiss while her other hand was already on my zipper. I couldn't help but moan into her mouth as I felt her pull out my now hard swollen manhood. She leaned back, stroked my throbbing cock a few times and then, with a mischievous smile on her face, she winked at me before dropping on her knees wrapping her warm lips around the length of me.

Warm, wet... expertly gliding over my dick with just the right amount of pressure. I couldn't believe this was the silent, nerdy girl my client told me about. She was doing some amazing move with her tongue, swirling it around the swollen tip in figure eight motions... if she kept that going much longer she's would have pushed me over the edge already. As I moaned out loud she clearly enjoyed the effect she had on me. She was just getting hornier and hotter and as she reluctantly looked up at me, releasing my cock she smiles. Again it was obvious... obvious that I was by now desperate to fuck her and with the same control and initiative she had surprisingly shown so far she simply swept the books and papers from the table and hopped up on it.

I watched her slowly unbutton her blouse revealing a hot pink bra which barely could contain her tits. She slowly stripped out of her thong. I couldn't help staring at this sexy nerd sitting in front of me in nothing but a bra and a short skirt - a begging look on her face... begging for me to screw her as I shed my clothes and eagerly move forward towards her.

"I'm gonna provide you with some research you'll never forget"  she whispers as she grabs me, pushing me down on the table as she pulls up her skirt. She climbs on top of me and holds herself just above my rock hard cock. Slowly she lowers herself on me letting just my tip inside her warm, tight wetness.

I groan out loud and try to thrust deeper into her but she seems to be determined to tease me just a little longer. As she continues to rock slowly I grab her ass and pull her closer to more. That's all she needed.. unable to maintain control she comes down hard on my shaft as we both groan with pleasure. I fill her little tight cunt completely over and over.. again and again as she moves her hips in slow, deliberate circles...

I decide to flip her over. She resisted a little but she was to weak with pleasure to put up much of a fight over control at that point. As I lean over her I continue to pump her... slide my hard cock in and out, over and over, deep, hard - hear her moans getting louder, slamming into her as I finally feel her explode in orgasm. Her screams and groans push me even closer to to the point of no return.

She notices... her hand grab my chin as she forces me to look at her "on my face!" she almost commands. Again she surprises me but just hearing her say that as she squeezes her pussy around my cock makes that I can't hold it any longer. I pull out and watch her get into position as I continue to stroke myself. I see her lower her glasses a little and her almost begging voice "please cum". A deep groan... loud moaning and I spray her face and glasses with my hot cum...

I see her lick her lips as she whispers "now that's a birthday gift...". I hesitate for a second before I reply... my client was very clear on this, she's is not to be told this was a paid gift indeed so I whisper as I pretend to be surprised yet again "it's your birthday?". She grins and slaps my ass "you can stop pretending now... she does this every year." A big grin on her still covered face as she continues "just because I never tell her about my sexual adventures doesn't mean I don't have any... and just because I never tell her how much I like her gifts doesn't mean I don't enjoy them to the fullest... because I do"

I look at her and smile "well at least my research now includes some data on birthday girls then... thank you so much for your help Miss and I hope you enjoyed your gift this year..."

(inspired by a story found somewhere on the interwebs
and written to be read on voice by Thorgal during a future Storytime event

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