Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rich Life: What do you get for the person that has everything?

photoshoot by Melina Jameson, text by Ashlynn Jameson

What do you get for the person that has everything? That's the question Roxie and Jase asked themselves when it came time to hunt down the perfect gift for each other.

They were the perfect couple that had everything they could ever asked for. Both were successful executives, incredibly attractive, recently purchased the home of the dreams and spared no expense showering each other with gifts.

Now it was December 24th and time to exchange gifts. They were both nervous, but they refused to show it. Roxie was looking elegant as ever and Jase looking like just got done shooting a spread for GQ Magazine.

"You go first", Jase said as he took a slow sip from his Champagne Glass.

Roxie shook her head as she picked up Jase's present and held out to him. "We open them at the same time", Roxie demanded in a soft voice.

Jase agreed and they simultaneously ripped off the wrapping paper and slowly opened the boxes.

Roxie gasped as she pulled out the two inch thick, eight inch long, solid 24K gold dildo that Jase had molded from his own cock.

Jase laughed  as he removed from Roxie's gift box, a 24K gold pocked pussy with a silicone pink center that Roxie had molded from her own vagina.

Roxie put down her solid gold gift cock and her Champagne Glass. Slowly made her way toward Jase, seductively moving her hips side to side.

Jase places his expensive new sex toy down. His eyes were filled with lust as he stared into his brides eyes. Places his hands on Roxie's slender shoulders and slowly slipped the thin dress straps down her arms.

Roxie stepped out of the puddled dress and pressed her tight body against Jase. "I prefer the real thing!", she purred and pushes Jase onto the couch.

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