Monday, January 12, 2015

Over eleven frikkin thousand!

There we are - and already off to a great start of 2015 if I may say so... Just before I was getting ready to write this cycle's editorial I quickly peeked at the view-counter way down below on this blog and was frikkin amazed... we have (only two and half months after launch) over 11.000 views already. Last few weeks we had an enormous boost with the two new wonderful additions to the team and the VIE Femme election. Of course I can only hope that brought some new regular perverts to this blog.

Risking sounding arrogant I have to say though, with the photo-shoots we have been featuring lately it only makes sense. Time after time I am in awe of what the photographers... no artists working for this blog produce - and I consider myself lucky that they have all agree to continue doing that in 2015. It's gonna be a great year *winks*

Having said that - we do still have some spots available to people wanting to join the team. Our goal now is to have a high quality shoot or article posted on the blog every day - with each contributor returning every two weeks. So if you have any ideas and are able to create, write or otherwise something interesting, creative and and high quality every two weeks then feel free to let me know... (male tech/toy reviews, movie-reviews, a best of flickr SL gallery, ... be creative)

Not much more to say for me this week... stay tuned for our announcement of the VIE Femme 2014 somewhere this week (of course result is already visible to the right ;) and some amazing new shoots coming your way by our regular but anything but regular crew.

Fashion posts I've decided to take of the two-week rythm. We're gonna feature fashion whenever there's something to show or let you know and we're trying to make that more frequent by finding sponsors and contributors of good male fashion quality designs to work with and feature here. Same as before applies - if you know or are a good designer of high quality male fashion - don't hestitate to let me know if you want us to blog your stuff for you to our still growing audience.

Have fun and don't be shy - do let us know what you think about our stuff!

and remember everybody: it's all just pixels and fun!
Thorgal McGillivary

P.S.: Go do the Men Only Hunt ... it really got some great stuff!

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