Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rich Life: Money don't buy performance...

photoshoot & text by Melina Jameson,
models: Dante (Furyan88 Resident) & 
ÇĩΝĎў Ŧгíηđу (Cindy Starostin)
Special thanks to Viara Jewell for lending me one of her creations 
to use as a prop -WS creations furnitures-

Mr Dante....well known linden tycoon...famous for his ludicrously fast cars, his ridiculously expensive clothes and his taste for top-shelf strippers. And being a filthy rich lad, all he had to do was go down to the city center, book the whole strip joint to himself, kick everyone out and keep just Cindy for his eyes' pleasure and more.

Well it started well...bottle of champagne, 
some super sexy moves from Cindy...
very sexy as a matter of fact.

 Mr Dante went in for the "kill". 
He had the whole package, muscles, tattoos and the looks...

As history has taught us though, there was a minor drawback at his posh image...
his performance was, let's say, too short and premature....

All Cindy could think at the end was 
"at least money get you the best bottle of champagne, Dom Perignon '63 was it?"

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