Monday, January 5, 2015

Story Time: The Pornstars

Story by Lady Raven, pics by Rachel Swallow. models Crow Mistwalker and Domino Dupree

A little know sideline of Lady Raven’s business empire is her underground Porn Studio. Today finds her with her favourite stud John in the studio located in the grounds in an old aircraft hangar. She is setting up the camera to face a chaise long as she chats to him.

Lady Raven
‘So John we have a new little starlet starting today, she'll be over shortly, I left her in the house undressing, be gentle with her, well not too gentle, but try and keep your darker needs under control my boy’

The hangar door swings open and a young blonde enters shyly holding a satin robe around her body. ‘Ahh there you are Dominic, come on in, don’t be shy’ Lady Raven beckons the girl inside, noticing her Stud studying the girl, his eyes lighting on her firm young breasts, the nipples pushing through the flimsy fabric. ‘Hello Lady Raven’ she says ‘thank you for this opportunity’ glancing at the tall blonde male at the Lady’s side.

‘Now lets start on the couch, a kiss to break you in so to speak’ she takes the girls hand and leads her over to an old shabby chaise lounge John following. ‘You wont be needing this’ she smiles and undoes the belt keeping that is keeping the robe together and slides it of the girls shoulders, leaving her naked and shivering ‘Cold? Oh well John will soon have you warmed up’ she laughs. She turns and heads back to the camera which is pointed at the the couch. ‘Come on John, the poor girl needs some body heat.’

John moves over to the couch, lean but muscular like a panther he sits down and pulls the girl into his arms, she giggles nervously, hands hovering over her sex as she lands in his lap. He kisses her and his big strong hands start to rove over her body. ‘Mmmmm thats what I like to see, eagerness’ Lady Raven laughs as she starts the camera rolling at first focusing on Johns hands as they cup the girls pert breasts, his fingers going to her nipples squeezing and pinching gently. ‘Now see if that pussy is damp already’ tilting the camera down to the girls snatch as Johns fingers move down, gliding over the girls clit then spreading her petals, to reveal her pink wet folds.

‘Lets see the delicious cock of your Stud, undo his jeans Dominic’ Raven orders and John quickly pulls the girl around to face him as she fumbles with his thick leather belt finally managing to undo his zipper and letting his thick dick spring out. The girls eyes widen as she stares down at it, ‘Wrap your fingers around it darling, it's all for you today’ he growls grabbing a handful of her straw coloured locks and pulling her head down. The starlet mewls like a kitten and wiggles down onto her knees before him, curling her little fingers around its girth and looks up at him with  baby blue eyes ‘Oh its so big!’ she exclaims. ‘Yeah hunnie and its gonna stretch that tight little cunt of yours so you scream for more’ he laughs and pulls her head down further guiding her mouth to his throbbing tip. ‘Now get sucking baby’

Lady Raven bites down on her bottom lip as she watches the girl through the lens. Dominic’s soft pink lips sucking on John’s gorgeous cock, she has sucked that meat enough times to know it will be stretching the blondes lips wide with its good thick girth. She squeezes her thighs together feeling a trickle of moisture dampening her panties as he starts to thrust his hips, making the starlet gag a little, not that the girl seems to mind as she gobbles away on his dick, her nipples standing proud and pink in her excitement, only casting over the occasional glance at the camera. ‘Mmmm thats it, nice angle’ she murmurs zooming to get a good shot of drool mixed with precum glistening at the corners of the girls mouth as her nose almost touches his belly, her fingers wrapping around the base of his cock to stop herself choking completely on it.

Johns fingers curl in Dominics hair and he moans deeply, obviously enjoying the girls hot eager mouth ‘Oh yeah baby, mmm Lady you picked a right eager little slut, nice choice’ pumping his hips in long even slow strokes, till the drool starts to run down the girls chin and she makes small gagging and retching noises. ‘Let me see you fingering your pussy whilst you suck Dominic’ Raven orders, zooming in to the girls eyes, focusing on the tears welling there as she deep throats Ravens stud. She moves the camera down and around, filming the girl from the rear, her small fingers appearing between her thighs rubbing at her pink swollen pussy lips, already glistening wetly in excitement.

‘Ok John let me see you eat that eager little cunt, Dominic straddle his face,’ pulling back slightly with the camera, she waits for John to take his cue. Not needing to be told twice he moves to lay back on the couch, cock standing proud as the girl somewhat nervously crawls up his body, turning to squat over his handsome features till her pussy hovers over his mouth, steadying herself on his chest with her hands, her lips swollen and wet with spit from sucking on his cock, her cheeks flushed.

‘Come here’ he growls and grabs her hips, pulling her down and sinking his tongue into her snatch, lapping at her cunt like a dog, then sinking his tongue deep inside her. ‘Oh dear Lord!’ the girl exclaims her chin sinking onto her chest as she rocks her hips in pleasure, ‘so good oh so fucking good!’

She reaches out and wraps her fingers once more around his cock and starts to stroke its wet gleaming flesh, panting softly as Raven zooms in on her pussy, Johns mouth eagerly devouring the little blondes shaved snatch. The girls starts to squirm, biting her lower lip then looks over at Raven pleading, ‘am I allowed to cum Lady Raven, only I really do need too!’ she begs and Raven smiles and nods her head ‘Lets see that pussy cream’ She can see Johns fingers dig into the girls thighs as he pulls her down closer, his tongue flicking on her clit, his nose pressed tight to her arse, then the girls squeals and squirts a thick jet of pussy juices to fill his mouth ‘oh great! Raven exclaims, ‘a squirter, we love a good squirter on camera’ John laughs, muffled by the girls cunt, her juices smeared all over his face, as Dominic blushes furiously,

‘Well I think she deserves a fucking don't you John’ Raven laughs, pulling the camera back a little to get a good wide shot as John lifts the girl like she weighs nothing and throws her onto her back grabbing her ankles and pushing them to her up, spreading her legs and positioning himself. ‘Oh yeah she definitely deserves a good hard fucking’ he snarls as he rubs his throbbing cock over the girls labia ‘Don’t you little slut?’

‘Oh god yes, please’ she begs, eyes wide fingers digging into the worn velvet of the couch eager to feel that cock inside her. With one thrust of his hips Johns cock is buried to the hilt and Dominic lets out a howl as he slams into her. ‘Oh sweet jesus mother of god’ she squeals as he starts to hammer it home, obviously pent up and needing release.

‘For god sake John slow down before you shoot your load, I need more footage’ Raven snaps. He nods slowing his thrust and moves position slightly, setting a more steady rhythm, angling so Raven can see his cock slipping in and out of Dominics slit ‘Sorry Lady, I got carried away there’
She laughs, ‘It's ok John, you'll get to cum soon enough I promise’ admiring the way his heavy cumsack is slapping against the girls arse cheeks ‘you look like you have a nice good load there’ zooming in closer, her heart pounding a little at the close up of cock thrusting in cunt. She keeps rolling as John turns the girl this way and that as he fucks her, making sure Raven gets all her shots, now in professional mode after getting himself under control. Raven rubs her thighs together feeling a bead of sweat run down her spine, all this hot sexy action is getting her juices flowing and her panties are getting more and more moist. The young blonde is certainly turning out to be a good investment as she seems to have completely forgotten about the camera and is totally wrapped up in John's prick and what its doing to her.

‘Last frame John’ Raven whispers a little breathlessly ‘Take her from behind for the cumshot please’ She zooms in again as John flips the girl over like a doll onto her hands and knees, Dominics arms trembeling as she tries to hold herself up, arse pushed up in the air, pussy dripping copiously as John positions himself and pushes his cock back in her gapping pussy and starts to pump hard and fast making Dominic almost howl in pleasure. ‘Try and time it people, John i want you to cum on her arse cheeks, and Dominic I want that pussy squirting at the same time’

‘Yes yes yes! Lady Raven’ Dominic sobs ‘that won't be difficult!’ her fingers digging into the chaise almost shredding the material as John slams his cock home, his thighs slapping loudly against the girls butt cheeks ‘Cumming!’ he grunts and pulls out quickly, grabbing his sodden member in his hand and stroking it from root to tip unleashes a load of thick sticky cum in great globs to splatter all over the girls quivering backside. With perfect timing Dominic cums too, her gapping pussy squirting like a fire hose. Splashing her juices over johns thighs till they both glisten in cum under the hot lights. Raven’s stud pushes his still hard cock back in the girls twat to fill it with the last few ropes of cum, pumping slowly as her pulsating cunt milks him.

Raven moans softly at the sight of all that cum on hot sweaty bodies and murmurs ‘and that’s a wrap’ She moves from behind the camera and walks over to the couch, shrugging off her jacket and smiling down at them both as they collapse back on the chaise. ‘Very well done both of you says, climbing on beside them, leaning down to kiss her stud on the mouth, tasting the girls pussy on his lips.

‘Mmm very well done’ she whispers ‘now my turn’. She grins at John and maneuvers herself to push Dominic onto her back, the girls eyes widening in surprise. She pushes the girls legs apart and knees between them, pulling her dress off over her head then dipping down to run her tongue over the girls pussy, tasting Johns jizz as it dribbles from Dominics cunt ‘Lets clear that up shall we’ she moans softly as she buries her tongue deep in the girls cunt.

Dominics hands tangle in her hair in surprise, gasping and hitching up her hips. John immediately takes advantage of that peachy tanned arse pushed up in the air, the slick labia glistening invitingly and pushes his cock deep in his bosses pussy.

‘God I love my job!’ he grunts as he starts to pump.

Based on an inworld roleplay, names have been changed to project the wicked.
Love and a happy new year from Lady Raven.

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