Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dear Henry: How to handle drama?

Every two weeks Henry cleans out the VIE MSL mailbox and takes some time to answer a question from a needy, pathetic or simply highest paying reader of this blog.

Sometimes harsh, hardly ever subtle, mostly innocent but always helpful (or at least trying to be). If you have a delicate issue you need professional help with - just go out and get some... if you can't afford it and nobody else wants to help you could always consider e-mailing Henry.

Hi Henry,

I've been reading your columns here for the last few months. Since you seem to know a lot about Second Life, people in general and have a real down-to-earth look on things I wanted to ask you this age-old most important question of us being in SL.

How do you handle drama and people causing drama?

For me personally this is not a problem. I never cause drama, I just think all the people that do should be banned forever! I report every one of them after I write about them all over the social media of course so other residents are at least warned of their bad behavior. 

I even have a statement on my profile where I explain that I hate drama and I think all of us sane people should have that. Show all those freaks and weirdos out there not to mess with us or we make sure they will get there pixels asses banned by Linden and wont be welcome on any sim! I mean really?! what are they thinking sharing the same virtual space as us... stealing our boyfriends, hitting on our girls... what do you think Henry?

a non-drama Queen

Editor: Sorry all - after Henry read this weeks question he decided not to write a reply this time. Or as he told us:

"because there's really only two fucking right answers to anyone causing drama...(including this bitch)... either just ignore them or throw together a good gang-bang with them as center of attention..."

Keep those questions coming, we'll make sure Henry gets them!

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