Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fashion: Men Only Hunt 5

It's hard for men... hard to find good freebies and quality hunts on the grid. But then there's Men Only. A group related to men's fashion in Second Life created by Flair for Events. Men Only is planning hunts, gachas and monthly events - all related to men... only!

Well their 5th hunt (I assume... because it's called MOH5) has just started and runs till the end of the month. Here you'll find the hints and you'll be looking for cold beers - I say this hunt simply couldn't get any better (altho I have to admit I haven't found any scarcely dressed gorgeous women so far...).

Is the hunt worth you time and effort? Well... I followed a few of the hints for you all to make sure and as you see on the pics after the read more this hunt does have some great stuff hidden for you!

 BF Hoodie from the Body Factory

 Invernal Coat by Nerd Monkey

Thomas Sweater by L'Armoire

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