Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who will be VIE's Femme 2014?!

It's been an amazing 2014. One of my favorite features still is the VIE Femme. Over the first 3 months of this blog existence we had 6 amazing, gorgeous and very impressive ladies captured in 6 wonderful photo-shoots by Rachel.

Ok - so now it's time to do the impossible. We need you all to select the VIE's Femme for 2014. Who do you think has been the most impressive woman of our Femme's, who has been the most arousing for you, which of these gorgeous creatures inspired you the most or contributed the most to SL... Time for you to choose!

Below once more a picture of each of them, or click this for a link to all complete shoots. To the right you will find a poll... give it some thought make up your mind, wank on it for a bit and then select your favorite - your VIE Femme of 2014!