Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Fantasy: Elf

Lle maa quel
Vanimle sila tiri

This next shoot by Be is with Mia Vondergeist ( feya avro). She has modeled for busted regulary already and she has loads of different looks.  Now she is posing for me as an elf,  We ve taken the pictures on the beautiful sim of Spellbound forest.

I've asked Mia if she does role play on fantasy sims.
Mia: "No not at all i just love elfs and other fantasy styles a lot i just did on and of Gor rp"

So for Mia its more about the dressing up, fun and for pictures. She has lots of avatars, like a cat, Elf or Faun. And i sure can see that she succeeds very well in creating looks.

Thank you Mia for posing for me.
Greetings Be xxx

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