Monday, December 8, 2014

Story Time: Gardener

Story by Lady Raven, pictures by Rachel

She paused at the floor to ceiling glass window of the villa and looked out over the extensive grounds, but her eyes were only looking for one thing and there he was, Tony the gardener, all jaw dropping blonde hunk.

Lady Raven
He was leaning on his spade looking out over the terrace to the sea, his shirt undone and his tattered jeans slung low on his slim hips. She drank him in like a long glass of ice tea and then moved towards the door, smoothing her skin tight dress over her taut body.

Hips swaying she walked across the lawn towards him as he broke from his daydream and turned to go towards the small greenhouse. She followed him and caught up with him as he leaned his spade against the wall.
‘Good afternoon Tony’ she smiled and walked right up to him, watching as his eyes moved from her face to her cleavage, her tanned skin glistening invitingly in the sun. ‘Good afternoon Lady Raven, I hope you are well’ he smiled, tucking his thumbs in the waistband of his jeans, pulling them down a little more so she could just glimpse a flash of golden hair, like a treasure trail, peeping over the denim.

‘You seem to be doing a lot of daydreaming and not a lot of work Tony, I shall be having words with my Uncle when he gets back, the garden is not looking at its best’ she took a step back as she saw his eyes suddenly darken.
‘Oh you think so do you?’ he suddenly lunged forward and grabbed her wrists, pushing her against the wall of the green house ‘I’ve just had about enough of your attitude, you stuck up bitch. You will tell your Uncle nothing’ he leans in close, his breath hot on her face, his voice a low angry growl.

Fear makes her heart thud in her chest but pride makes her snarl at him ‘Unhand me you uncouth lout or you will be in the biggest trouble of your life’ She squirms trying to loosen the grip on her wrists, feeling the delicate bones grind together. ‘Oh looks like I already have trouble right here’ he moves closer and shoves his meaty thigh between her legs grinding it against her pussy. ‘I think its about time I gave you a lesson in how to deal with the staff Princess’ and with that he lets go of her wrist and lifts her up bodily, her legs kicking and carries her into the greenhouse, plonking her down on an old wooden chair. She tries to get up but he grabs her hair in one large hand and holds her still, whilst he grabs a length of rope.

He straddles her thighs pinning her to the seat and grabs her wrists,  pulling them behind her as she struggles, tying them tightly to the back of the chair. ‘You stupid moron, untie me now, you are fired and most probably dead when my Uncle gets hold of you!’ she screams. He just laughs in her face ‘You snotty bitch, your Uncle told me what a dirty slut you are, putting on that posh face, but I know you love fat cock in that filthy mouth of yours’ he growls then leans down and runs his tongue over her cheek, grabbing one of her breasts and squeezing it hard. ‘Lets have a look at that body that you spend so much money on’ he leers, gripping both sides of the neckline of her dress and ripping it from top to bottom in one go, leaving her exposed to his lustful gaze.

He stands and looks down at her, she stares defiantly back up at him, shivering a little in her silk bra, suspender belt and stockings. ‘yes I see I was right’ he laughs ‘seems you forgot to put your panties on this morning!’ He shoves his hand between her thighs and cups her pussy, rubbing roughly at her cunt lips ‘ready for action I see, time for a little posh pussy action’.

He drops down in front of her, spreading her thighs and unzips his jeans, his thick cock popping free as stiff as a flag pole. She looks down at his throbbing member ‘don’t you dare!’ she growls ‘if you touch me with that thing, you’ll never use it again!’ She tries to clamp her thighs shut but he just grabs her hips and pulls her forward in the chair till her bottom is right at the edge and his cockhead is rubbing up against her labia.

Laughing, his fingers digging in her soft flesh he sneers ‘You are bloody soaking wet, I think the lady protests too much, you want it don’t you, a bit of rough?’ He starts to move his hips, his dick rubbing up and down her pink pussy lips. She moans softly as the throbbing purple head rubs over her clit, so hard, so thick. She looks down watching the glistening flesh of his meat moving over her slit and gasps ‘Bastard’ she mutters, but she doesn't deny she wants to feel how that thick rod will stretch her tight twat. ‘Well you are going to get it’ he grunts and with a quick thrust he enters her, slamming his fat prick into her waiting snatch.

‘Oh fuck!’ she cries, all pretence of not wanting that thick cock pummeling her needy cunt gone, her legs moving to wrap around his waist, her ankles crossing behind him, drawing him deeper, till his meat is slamming against her cervix painfully. This is what she wanted all along, to be taken and used by this fine young specimen of manhood, its just not the done thing for the lady of the manor to ask the hired help to fuck her till she screams.

His shaft drives into her in long strokes, he reaches up and rips her bra from her pert tits, her nipples hard and throbbing and he leans down to grasp one between his teeth, biting and pulling on the sensitive flesh till she is groaning in pleasure. The old chair creaking and rocking back on its rickety legs as he fucks her.

‘Oh fuck yes, so tight and wet’ he groans as he uses her, looking up to watch her face, her mouth gaping, her breasts heaving, the nipples reddened from his teeth. He reaches down between their bodies and roughly rubs at her swollen clit ‘Come on bitch, cum for me, I know you are close’
‘Oh god!’ she cries and throws back her head, hips lifting as her filled and stretched pussy explodes in a massive orgasm, her juices gushing to coat his thrusting cock ‘thats my filthy posh whore’ he growls, slamming into her pulsating twat till he feels himself getting close, his balls tightening.

He suddenly pulls from her and stands, grabbing a handful of her ebony locks and pushing his sticky juice soaked cock between those red smeared lips ‘Now suck it My Lady’ he grunts, thrusting his hips till his full length is shoved right down her spasming throat, using her mouth as hard as he used her cunt, his ragged nails scraping at her scalp ‘Fuck fuck here it comes! he groans his cock firing ropes of cum down her throat, her gagging and retching echoing around the small glass building.

She sucks greedily, drool and jizz running from her stretched lips, down her chin and splattering on her breasts. Her hot greedy mouth milking him for every drop of his seed till he pulls away from her, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand ‘Good slut, you suck like a pro’ he grins.

She pants and licks her lips ‘I think you deserve a pay rise’ she grins ‘now untie me, my arms are getting stiff’ He laughs and gives her a playful swat to her left tit ‘Oh I dont think so, I think I will leave you just as you are, I might have use for that greedy mouth again a little later’ He grins and tucks his cock back in his jeans, turning to leave the greenhouse ‘Don't go anywhere now.’

Based on an in world roleplay, names have been changed to protect the wicked.

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