Monday, December 1, 2014

Keep calm.... Santa is coming...

Another 2-week cycle done and today we already started the next one with two new posts. The first was the second edition of our Sneak Peek fashion feature - a great new concept by Penumbra - keep watching that, it's a great spot to have a first look at awesome new designs by SL top fashion designers (either for yourself as modern and fashionably male or as great gift to your SL wife, Mistress, Sub or plaything of the day....).

The second post today was another thing I have been excited about or a while now... working hard - preparing set, shooting a f*ckload of gorgeous women and working out how to make it an actual gift every single day till xmas... you've probably seen it by now - if not go and quickly take a look and try to hover your mouse over the picture... god we all wish we had that kind of power in RL right? ;)

Most popular thing on the blog at the moment still seems to be the erotic stories. Let me just recommend you to keep following that feature as well because I have it from a very reliable source that Lady Raven's next story again is something very remarkable...

So what more can I say? I wont... plenty of text for now - we also have some great shoots by Be, EvaLaura and Graham coming up his cycle and tho I know I already talked about last editorial I'm confident we will add another great photographer to our team very soon...

Apart from that the invitation to you all still stands - feel you can add something to our magazine? Just contact me inworld and tell me about your idea, show me some samples... we'd love getting more frequent and bigger... (and yes... that's just like that sex thing I hear so much about from all of you perverts!)

Winter is coming; and it's all just fun and pixels!

Thorgal McGillivary

p.s. almost forgot to mention we will have another amazing VIE Femme shoot by Rachel this cycle.. but then again - you're probably expecting no less from us by now... no pressure whatsoever ;)

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