Monday, December 29, 2014

a naughty and amazing 2015 to you and your loved ones!

Bad bad editor... I was reading my blog from two weeks back and I realised I still haven't gotten around to updating the team page. What can I say... it's been two hectic weeks - and anyone not accepting that apology is now allowed to give me some spanking... (or get one - if that's more what you're into).

Anyways - despite me not having update the team page I'm sure you all saw the amazing posts of our two new talents right? Melina Jameson posted an amazing shoot featuring Ashlynn called "Hellraiser to posh" in the new Rich Life category. Domino Dupre noticed how I was way to busy to do justice to the Clublife feature and took over (so glad she did as well) with a great shoot at club Wet Republic. With these two amazing ladies added to the team right before 2015 starts I'm sure we will continue to provide some amazing content in the year to come.

Another quick and short look back to 2014. In only 3 months (since the first real public post on 7 oct) we had over 8500 visits already (8732 at time of writing this) with almost 4000 of those in the last month alone. Most popular seem to be our Story Time features (by Lady Raven and yours truly) with almost all of those posts over 150 views. Followed very closely by Miss Emily's Femme photoshoot (by Rachel), one of the Dear Henry posts and already the first Rich Life feature by Melina up in the top 10 for 2014. I really can't wait what this amazing team of talent has in store for us next year.

I think some thank you shout outs are in order!

First of all a very big and naughty "Thank you!" to this team for all you've done so far! Eva, Rachel, Be, Graham, Henry, Domino, Melina and Laura! You girls and guys rock!

Besides the team I think it's fair to thank the community in general for support and help, modelling, supplying poses, scenery, ideas, inspiration and much needed relief. I'm sure you guys have been there already but if you haven't go check out these, these, these and these other amazing websites (and I'm sure and so sorry for forgetting so many).

Last, and definitely not least, I want to thank all you readers for visiting and supporting this blog! I will hope you'll find us worthy of continuing your visits, appreciation and praise. Comment, let us know, G+ follow us, share and spread our blogs - we will continue to make awesome stuff for all of you out there.

So... and now the time has come - this is my last editorial for 2014, so I will take this opportunity to wish you and all your loved ones a very very happy and amazing 2015! I just hope you all will continue to come visit this blog and let us provide some naughty entertainment for you all - and remember if you want to help us do that and join the team - just let me know!

Even if it will just be fun and pixels, 
on behave of the VIE MSL team I wish you all a very
Naughty & Amazing 2015!

Thorgal McGillivary

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