Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rich Life: Hell Raiser to Posh

For my first ever post on the VIE MSL site, i chose to do a series inspired from a scene from Tomb Raided, ie Lara in the shower scene. Of course, there is no way anyone, even on SL, can beat or reach Lara's sensuality and sexuality, but trying is never bad.

So i got Ashlynn Jameson, aka lil monkey- and had her do everything from riding her bike in a biker's unifrom to showering and showing us how a Lady gets in one of these damn low-to ground, four-wheel beasts, going by the name of Lambo and being ridiculously expensive.

The shooting took a few days but it was all fun and creative with the clue of the whole series being Ashlynn coming up to me when the final photo was shot and whispering in my ear: "We got Dante's phone number, right?"

To top this off, i'd like to thank Scarlet Foxxx for all her help with props and Dante for his patience waiting for Ashlynn to get in the Lambo. Not to forget to thank my one and only Ashlynn for being so easy to work with and helping me out and of course, the man himself, Thorgal, for giving me this opportunity!

Thank you all!


rest of the pics after:

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