Saturday, December 27, 2014

Clublife: Wet Republic

Saturday night! This Saturday the first Clublife feature by the very sexy Domino Dupre. She will be doing the Clublife feature from now on. Are you a club owner or do you work at a club which you think the succesful, rich SL male should know about? contact Domino to make arrangements for a visit.

So this week Domino visited Oceana MacMoragh from club Wet Republic.

"Me? hmm.. i have worked in the club scene here most of my 2nd life, in many capacities, mostly as a dancer... " *smiles*

"I have seen so much, but Wet Republic has my heart for sure. we aren't like most clubs on the grid, no walls to confine us, the open air and water surrounds and caresses us and our guests. friendly atmosphere, with both male and female dancers, we cater to the individual and groups, and all of our dancers have been voice verified...a definite plus for our valued clientele.  we have a wonderful glass dance floor, with seating for those that wish it, a huge pool for parties and intimate gazebos for relaxing in. we also have a private room available for bachelor or bachelorette parties . we have uncensored emote events, a body shots event, and the occasional contests with prizes! so come soak up the sun, the water and the sexy dancers!"

slipping down the steps, making her way across the dance floor, bare feet barely a whisper as she approaches...closing the distance, she eyes the gentleman from his toes to his head, lingering in the middle for a bit, her smile widening as she licks her plump lips..

moving closer, reaching out to him, her dancing fingers barely brushing his skin at first, then tracing over his well inked chest, feather light as they glide over his nipples.... walking their way up to his shoulders, she runs her hands around his neck, bringing herself against him, her taut nubs pressed against his well-muscled chest, hips rocking, brushing against the growing bulge in his pants... she looks up at him and winks...

running her tongue across his lips, tasting...his scent ambrosia to her senses, unable to contain herself she parts his lips with her tongue, skin aflame with passion and desire as she plunges forth to kiss him deeply...soft mewls escaping her throat as she loses herself to the lust growing deep inside her body, she presses herself tighter against him, grinding...

standing on her toes, molding herself against him, fingers behind his neck laced tightly, knuckles white as her ardor rises..breathing rapidly and roughly through her nose, she works herself to a frenzy with the feel of him against her....pulling back, suckling his tongue before biting it carefully finally letting it slip from her mouths grasp...panting, lush lashes rising to reveal dream-like eyes...trying to tame her raspy breathing, she unlaces her fingers from his nape, drawing tingling fingers down from his shoulders to his chest...palms flat for a second before pushing herself back from the temptation of him, a whispered "thank You" barely heard but by him....

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