Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Almost Christmas!

We all know that commercial crap about Santa isn't true right? I mean.. come on... we're all guys here (or know a few guys) and no man is gonna be sitting around on the North-pole with just a few boring elfs around creating silly childish toys all day right? and can you imagine being as old as Santa and just stay married to the the same Mrs. Santa year after year after year....? Well neither can I...

The truth is that I'm not Santa either (tho it would be my next choice if it turns out I really can't grow up to be Hugh Hefner)... but I do want to take this space to wish you all a verry merry Christmas and some great time with your loved ones, families and anybody else that matters to you all!

so... as a final gift (probably more for that few ladies visiting this blog then all the guys... but I know they understand...). Just hover over and/or click the picture to unwrap today's gift!

Thanks everybody in the VIE MSL team!
Thanks to all our visitors, perverts and readers of stories ;)
Thank you all for a great year and merry Christmas to you all!!

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