Monday, December 22, 2014

Story Time: Ho ho ho...

by Thorgal McGillivary, pictures by Thorgal - models Kellie Malibu and Ashlynn Jameson. Story is in third-person form because it was once written to be read on voice by Thorgal.

"HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS" I cheerfully yell, waiving to the kids as I walk out of the reception  hall. It's been a long night but I'm finally done and I can get out of this hot Santa suit. I know it sounds weird... me as Santa when I'm working a high class escort thing but this is just a fun thing to do during the slow times of Christmas. Kids home, husbands home - not many ladies around to make use of my services I guess. It all started a few years back when somehow there was a shortage of Santa's and somebody, pretty desperate, decided to call an escort... ah well.. Santa Claus, spreading joy... the white season... lets say we both make a lot of people happy.

Anyhow - playing Santa is an amazing extra gig, providing me with some extra cash for the holiday season. The smiles on the faces of the kids are absolutely priceless and there are always hot mommies to check out. I used to do the mall thing, but have since moved on to the better role of being a private Santa. This just means that I get to chose when and for whom I work, plus the money is much better.

That night I finished up being the Santa for the family Christmas party for the pretty large firm in my city you worked for. There had been probably 150 kids there and each and every one needed to have a turn with Santa. That didn't bother me though, for the most part they were good with only a few really freaking out. I pocketed about $5,000 for the event but I was glad that it was over. I worked my way through a crowd of kids and made it to a private old storage room that they had just off the reception hall so I could change and take off.

As I'm unbuttoning my suit I hear a knock on the door. I'm expecting someone to stop by and drop off the $2,500 final payment in addition to the $2,500 deposit that I had been paid earlier. I open the door and you are standing there, together with another lady I assume works at the firm since she is holding a check book. You ask if you can come in and shut the door so none of the kids see me changing out of the Santa uniform. Of course I say yes, not wanting to ruin it for any of the kids. As I step aside you both walk in. I now recognize the other woman from before as well.

You look amazing - soft hair and pretty face. Wearing a business top that shows off your ample breasts and a skirt that goes down to your knees and stretches tight over your sexy ass. Very very sexy in that MILF way. I always like the way you looked - you turn me on every time we meet tho neither I or you ever acted on it there's always some sort of tension...

And her, much less formally dressed, probably working for you - intern maybe - wearing a loose kind of girly skirt and a short sweater. Her boobs look good in it, fair size and very perky. Her hair is pulled back into a pony tail.

As you walk in and I close the door the other girl says to you, "Mmm, I think we walked in on Santa changing" I realize that the top of my Santa suit is open and they can see the top of my chest and the beginning of the fake belly I wear. "Hey, it looks like he's not the real Santa" you reply and you put your hand on my fake belly. I grin ... "Santa's doctor told him that he needs to lose some weight and get his cholesterol down or there won't be anybody to deliver presents" I reply with a shy smile. I have been working out since I started to do this escorting thing and surely needed a fake belly to look anything like Santa, still I am flattered by your comment.

Leaving your hand there you whisper "Good for you Santa, the world needs a sexier Santa" as you wink at me. "I believe we owe you some money, hand me the checkbook Ella.". As Ella hands you the checkbook you take your hand off my belly and I continue unbuttoning my coat so that I can get this hot fake belly off. As  you write the check I get the belly unfastened and pull it off.

So I'm standing there with a bare chest, coat dropped around my waist. Good thing I already removed the my fake wig and beard which even tho it was hell to take off all the glue. Overall it still must look pretty funny and Ella gives me kind of a goofy smile. As you start to tear the check from the pad and hand it to me Ella pipes up "wait, he hasn't finished seeing everyone yet." You grin at her and ask "and who might that be? who did he miss?" "Me of course" Ella replies. She turns to me and says "Santa, I haven't had a chance to sit on your lap yet" as she pouts out her bottom lip.

I figure that you are probably both a little drunk, and since you have my money I probably ought to play along. I sit down on a chair and pat my knee saying "come sit on Santa's knee and tell me what you want little girl." Ella giggles and comes over to sit on my knee. She's facing in so her legs are between mine and I can feel her leg against my crotch. Since she's considerably taller then most of the kids I see her boobs are pretty much right in my face and as she sat down one of them brushed across my cheek, I'm pretty sure my face is now turning as red as my coat.

I put my arm around her waist so it's resting on the top of her ass and ask "so, what do you want for Christmas." Ella kind of bits her lip and rolls her eyes up like she's really thinking about it. Then in her best little girl voice says, "I want a pony and a barbie dolly and a bike."

"Ho Ho, OK little girl, be sure to tell your mommy what you told me" I reply. As I say this I mean to pat her on her back, but again since she's bigger then the kids that I see I actually end up patting the top of her ass. As she starts to get up she again leans in so her boob brushes my face and turns around so I'm about 6" from her ass and stops. After a second she turns around, looks down at me and says "wait, you didn't ask me if I was naughty or nice" with a scowl on her face.

For the first time I think, "hmmm, this is interesting." I look up at her and with a very dry throat say, "Ella, have you been a nice girl", I pause and swallow, "or a naughty girl?" A little hint of a grin appears on her face and she walks right up to me. Instead of sitting on my knee, she lifts her left leg up over mine, then does the same with her right so she's straddling me. As she lifted her leg I caught a glimpse of her white cotton panties and I can feel my cock start to move.

She lowers herself so she is sitting down on my lap. I can feel the pressure on my cock and I'm sure she can feel it as well. Her boobs are pressed into my chest and she puts her arms around my neck and pulls my ear to her mouth. She whispers loudly and slowly "I've been a very, very naughty girl" and puts her tongue out so that it touches my ear. As she does this I put my hand around behind her and feel her ass. "I'm sure you haven't been that bad" I say reassuringly to her. At this point you walk over from where you were standing so you're right behind Ella and says, "Its true Santa. Little Ella here is known as kind of the office slut. She's had sex with at least 6 married men just in our office this year. I don't think she can get anything unless she does something to make it better."

"I see" I reply. "It does sound like she has been a naughty girl, but it's pretty close to Christmas so I'm not sure what she can possibly do." Ella sits back with big frown on her face. "Please Santa, there must be something, anything I can do." As she says that she reaches behind her and puts her hand on my knee. She slowly starts moving it up my leg staring at me with the frown on her face the whole time. She finally makes it all the way up and rubs her hand on my cock. As she grabs it through my pants she gets an evil little grin on her face and says "isn't there anything I can do?" At this point you say, "Well Santa, what do you think? Can she make it up to you before Christmas?". I'm in complete shock and just silently nod my head.

Ella gets a great big smile on her face and you just say "good" and walk up behind Ella. With my hands still on Ella's ass and my cock in her hand you take hold of her sweater and lifts it right up over her head. Her boobs bounce slightly as they fall from the sweater and her lacy pink bra is inches from my. She has large dark areolas that are sticking out from the top of the bra and her nipples are poking out through the material.

"Does Santa want to feel Ella's boobs?" you ask. I slowly lift my left hand from her ass and up to her chest. My hand is shaking like crazy as I lift it up to her right boob. As I start to squeeze I let go of her ass with my right hand so both of them are fondling her boobs. Ella just puts her head back and says "Mmmm Santa, that feels so good." As I'm squeezing and kneading her tits I leaned in and start to kiss her chest. I move my hand to the top edge of her braand slowly pull it down so that her nipples pop out of the top. I continue kissing her and start to pinch and roll her nipples in between my forefingers and thumbs.

While playing with her tits I feel another set of hands go between my legs and join the hand Ella has kept on my now throbbing cock. As Ella keeps squeezing I feel your hands go up to the fly and zipper. You unbutton the pants and pulls down the zipper. When they were undone you reach in and rub my pubic hair and the base of my cock.

You pat Ella on the ass and says "stand up for a minute sweetie." Ella complies and stands up so her boobs are right in my face. You pull you hand from my pants and say "lift up your bum a little Santa." When I lift up you takes hold of my pants and start to slide them off. You pull them down around my ankles so I'm left in just my boxer briefs. My cock is rock hard and straining against the material of the

red boxers. I relax and feel 3 hands again start to fondle my package. As I sit back down I lean in and start to kiss the tops of Ella's boobs. I work my way down between her cleavage and then move my mouth to her right boob. I open my mouth and take her nipple completely in. As I start sucking it I flick at her nub with my tongue. "Oh Santa, that feel so fucking good" Ella moans and moves her hands up to her tits so she is holding and squeezing them at the bottom.

Just your hands are fondling my package now and you reach up and pull my boxers down far enough that my cock and balls come out. You takes\ hold of my cock and says "Ella, it look like your are doing a good job making this up to Santa, I think he wants to fuck you." I feel one of her hands lift up to Ella.

"Santa, I think Ella wants to fuck you too" you then say as you stand up. You lift up your hand and show me your fingers. They are soaking wet and as you spread your fingers strands of clear sticky cum hang between each one. You  move them towards me and say "does Santa want to taste Ella?" Without responding you put your fingers up to my mouth and I start to suck and lick them clean. Ella's pussy tastes so good and I suck every bit of cum from your fingers. After I'm done you put your hand back down there and I lock onto Ella's other tit. As I'm sucking I can feel the back of your hand rubbing against my cock while you are rubbing Ella's cunt. Immediately Ella starts to moan "oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." She puts her arms around my head so I'm almost suffocating on her tit and her whole body goes stiff as a board. As she's cumming I feel the wetness around the base of my cock. Ella finally relaxes and you stand back up.

This time your hand is even more coated with Ella's cum and she is cupping her hand with a small puddle of it in your palm."Here you go Santa, its not a cup of milk but I think you'll like it" you grin and lift it up to my mouth. I open up so you can "pour" it all into my mouth and then proceed to thoroughly clean your hand. I have never tasted anything so sweet and just keep lapping at your hand. Ella pulls me into her and starts kissing and licking my lips. then you kneel back down and I feel your hand on my cock, stroking it very slowly. With her other hand you start to squeeze my balls and roll them around gently.

After a few minutes of you stroking my cock and fondling my balls and me rubbing Ella's tits while kissing her I feel you take my cock and start to rub my head up and down Ella's pussy opening. You stop so my cock is being held up at the opening of Ella's cunt and then tell her to lower herself onto my cock. As Ella lowers herself I can feel my cock opening up her pussy lips and start to slide into her. She is soaking wet and very hot down there. My cock is now all the way in and Ella just sits there with all 8" inside her. As she is sitting there I feel something warm, soft and wet on my ball sac. I realize that you must be licking my balls and let out a loud moan. Then I feel your teeth graze the sides as you take my sac into your mouth with your nose buried in Ella's ass. You suck them and pull your mouth away, pulling my balls out until they pop out of your mouth.

"There you go Ella, Santa is good and ready for you" you say from down there. Ella starts bobbing up and down on my cock. I reach around and put my hands on her ass and pull her in closer so I can suck on her nipple again. Ella is now fucking me good and I can feel your hands on the base of my cock and my balls. I've never had anything like this happen before and am doing everything I can to keep from blowing my wad too quickly.

I start to massage Ella's ass checks and practically lift her up and down on my cock. Her eyes are closed and she her lips pursed as we fuck like animals. I keep moving my hands around on her ass until I get my fingers in between her cheeks. I slowly start to rub my middle finger over her tight little asshole. After a minute I start to put it in a little and Ella lets out a little moan. I decide to push my finger in a little bit further and feel something that I didn't expect. I feel something wet and smooth rubbing around on my finger and Ella's asshole. I quickly realize that you are rimming Ella's asshole with my finger inside of it. Oh my god... this is so fucking hot and I bury my finger into her ass up past my knuckle and wiggle it around a little.

Then I hear you say "Ella, I think Santa wants to fuck your ass." I can't believe what I'm hearing and just keep silent. "I don't think so, thats not my thing" Ella responds to my disappointment. "Ella, remember how naughty you've been. If you want Santa to bring you anything I suggest you give him what he wants" you scold back. Ella pulls back and looks at me. "Is that what you want Santa? If I let you fuck my little asshole will you give me what I want" she asks. I just nod, "Oh yeah, anything you want."

"Lean forward sweetie" you say to Ella. Ella does what she's told and my cock slips from her wet pussy. I hear a spit sound coming from you and you say "let me just get you ready". You take hold of my cock and I feel it against her cheek as you starts licking Ella's asshole again. After a minute you say to Ella "OK, I think you're ready." With that you take my cock and I can feel my head against the puckered skin of Ella's tight hole. Ella starts to sit down. There is a lot of pressure at first and Ella says "I think it's too big." "No, it will fit, just relax" I hear you  reply, breathing heavily...

She starts pushing again and after a few seconds I feel a pop and realize that I have just penetrated her o-ring. I can see Ella wince and start to slowly sit down further. I've never felt anything so tight and can feel the blood pulsating through my cock. She goes a few inches and then has to stop and get used to it. I can't believe I haven't cum yet and finally hear you say "there you go."

I can now feel herass resting on my ballsand the idea that my cock is 8" into her rectum is almost too much for me. You start playing with my balls again and Ella starts rocking back and forth more then bobbing up and down. I realize that I won't last and decide to just go with it at this point. I start sucking Ella's tit again and feel your tongue on my balls. I can't believe it, but I think Ella is actually getting into this. She has her eyes closed and keeps moaning very softly, almost purring. As you take my balls into your mouth I feel your hands reach around Ella and start rubbing her clit.

"Fuck, Santa is about to cum" I say after a minute. "Oh god, me too" Ella replies and starts bucking hard on my cock. I can tell that you are rubbing her clit hard and Ella's body again goes tight. As it does this her ass squeezes hard on my cock and I loose it. "FUUUUUUCK" I cry out as I start to unload my cum into her ass. After my first squirt Ella moans real loud and it suddenly feels very wet and hot in my crotch. I'm sure I've never cum so much and as I'm finishing you pop my balls out of your mouth and gently squeezes every last bit of cum out.

As Ella finishes up she just slumps down onto my shoulder, breathing very hard and loud. You starts to suck on my balls again and Ella leans up so my cock starts to slide out of her ass. As it is sliding out I can feel your tongue sliding up it. Finally with a pop it is out of her ass and I can feel the cum all over my dick and dripping down onto my balls. Ella stays leaning forward and after a minute I start to feel cum dripping onto my cock. "That's a good girl" you say to Ella, and then continue to lick my balls and cock as cum keeps dripping onto my still hard dick.

After a few minutes of Ella just resting her head on my shoulder you tell her to get up and step out of her panties. Ella stands up off of my lap and steps to the side as you stand up. You smile at me and your entire face is covered in cum from my cock and Ella's ass. A big drop of cum drops from your chin onto her left boob and you lean in very close and says "Does Ella get what she wants now?"

I just nod and without any warning you lean in and kisses me. The taste of my own cum and Ella's ass on your lips and tongue is unlike anything I have ever tasted. As we're kissing I reach up and start to fondle your left boob, feeling the drop of cum that is there. My other hand goes around to your ass and starts to squeeze.

Suddenly you stop kissing me and stand up. "Ella, throw me your panties" you say, and Ella complies. You then proceed to use them to wipe off your face and reach down and clean off my cock. The panties are absolutely covered in both of our cum as you give them back to Ella to put on.
"I need to get back to the party" you say and my cock deflates. Ella has her panties back on and hands me a check. "Thanks Santa, I hope I get everything I ask for" she says with a wink and then you both get dressed, brush past me and walk out the door.

I sit there in a daze for probably 10 minutes trying to decide if that all just happened. Finally I get up and slowly put my street clothes on and get ready to go. As I leave the room with my bag holding my Santa suit I walk right into you, your colleagues and what must be your boyfriend or husband? You whisper something to him and he says "you were great tonight, the kids absolutely loved it. My firm is still looking for a Santa to play our party, are you interested."

I stutter "of course I am.." as we exchange information. As I writing down my phone number on his business card I hear him say to you "mmm... you spilled some cream on your lips sweety.." dammit, it looks like I spilled on my blouse." I look over and I see you grinning at me as he licks what he thinks is whipped cream from your lip... As I hand him back the card with my number you get a wicked little smile across your lips and say "can't wait to see you again Santa." With that you give your husband a peck on the cheek and you both walk out of the reception hall hand in hand....

(inspired by a story found somewhere on the interwebs. 
It was written and used before during a Storytime event 
where Thorgal used to read erotic stories on SL voice)

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