Tuesday, December 30, 2014

At the movies: Star Wars - Tatooine Encounter

Every successful SL male loves amazing photoshoots with gorgeous women, we care about fashion and making sure we look the best... but we also like to relax every once and a while... just sit down on the couch or a comfy seat somewhere in a dark cinema and watch a great movie. We here at VIE understand - and that's why, every once and a while we will recommend a movie for you to sit back and relax to... or sit back and.. well.. nevermind - you'll figure it out ;)

So the first ever movie discussed here on the blog is "Star Wars - Encounter on Tatooine". To be fair - I wasn't gonna introduce this blog feature in 2014 and wanted to wait for the Sexiest Award announcements but after I got news this movie was published and clicked over to watch it it was clear that we would have an earlier start with this feature then planned. Ladies and gentlemen... we got a winner! This movie is simply amazing and I shudder to think how much effort went into creating this.

This movie - produced by the Erotique Group - is simply amazing. With a cast of 20 damn hot looking pornstars, a shitload of different and astonishing detailed sets, original CGI sequences, blue screen filming and even a story line this is, in my humble opinion, the Second Life movie for 2014 and I suspect the best ever SL movie for a long time... (at least till part 2 is done) Everything that's typical Star Wars is there - every little freaking detail we love about the franchise is there. Our favorite movie series and then some of the most arousing women in SL. I'm gonna get myself a beer and I think my life is complete. Just like with the real franchise it is gonna take way to long till the next part will be finished... and I don't see Disney selling action figures for this episode anytime soon...

Ok - you all click here for the complete story, making of and link to this amazing movie... I'll be scanning marketplace for a Jedi Serinity and L'ou blow up doll and a cool Star Wars outfit... Cause I'm gonna be auditioning for part two for sure!

Damn! Well done Erotique Group! I'm gonna rate this movie 4 out of 5 thumbs-up! There's two reasons I'm not giving it 5 thumbs up: 1st - I dont want to give out the max score on this blogs first movie feature ever... and 2nd - adding actual voice-acting might make this movie perfect... but fair is fair... it took me some repeated wanking and cool-downs to even come up with that lousy excuse not to score it 100%

for Star Wars - Encounter on Tatooine by The Erotique Group

(there also a cool Meet the Cast feature on Louise & Serenity's Pornstar Files blog... go perv!)


  1. Thank you so much. Being the 'Blogee' if that's a real word? Rather than the 'Blogger' meant a lot to me. Thank you so much for your kind words and the effort to show our movie on your superb Blog. Doubly so from an all time great Director in SL Porn. :) kiss.

  2. you're welcome... that amazing achievement needed to be recognized... awesome movie!