Wednesday, December 17, 2014

VIE Femme: Alina Graf

The very last VIE Femme of 2014. As most of you probably figured out by now... (being male and immediately skipping to the gorgeous photo's each time it did probably took you some ime to figure out) we do not just call any random gorgeous avatar a VIE's Femme.

This time we found an established and well-known naughty furniture and animator willing to pose for the talented Rachel. A very special last Femme indeed, so here she is... 2014's last VIE Femme presented on this blog:

-- Alina Graf --

Name: Alina Graf
Favorite activities on SL: I'm a builder: sex animations and sex furniture builder! I'm very much into SL sex too, of course.
Guilty Pleasures: i love almost everything about SL sex. I'm open to any gender and I like watch roleplays.
Ambitions: I'd like learn make good mesh models, beside my animator skills.
Turn-ons: Smart people, open minded people and many kind of perversions. 
Turn-offs: Dramas, jelousy, bdsm, and such things.
SL People I admire: among many I admire BelleJour Shinn. She is a club owner, a creator, builder, texture maker, mesh modeler, animator and almost everything you could build in SL! 
If there's one SIM you need to visit its: there are many very beautiful, but one for all is Tempura Island.

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