Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Welcome to your imagination...

Welcome everybody... welcome to VIE Men's Second Lifestyle... a new web magazine determined to provide everything and anything entertainment for the Second Life rich and classy male.

Another SL based magazine you say? Yes... but with a twist... we don't publish a new issue every month - VIE MSL is based on a two-week cycle which means that we'll publish regular recurring themed photoshoots, columns, erotic stories, fashion features and other cool stuff every two days with same features recurring every two weeks. To start things with a blast tomorrow we'll see the very first VIE Femme. Think of her as our version of the pet... the playmate... only better of course ;)

I'm so glad I found a great bunch of people willing to help me realize this web magazine. One by one amazing artists who will each do their own unique thing every two weeks and have it published right here just for your enjoyment. Just check out our Team page and I'm sure you will agree with me that expectations are rightfully high.I have seen what we will be publishing for the next few weeks and let me assure you you will not be disappointed.

So keep your eyes on this blog for the next few days. Like I said, starting  tomorrow things will heat up here and from then on every two days you'll find a nice treat - we'll make sure to keep you coming back :)

If you like this new blog or feel you have anything to contribute to it don't hesitate and let us know; find me in-world (Thorgal McGillivary) or check our C&C page for other ways to contact us... we'd love to hear from you!

Remember; it's all fun and pixels!

Thorgal McGillivary

(damn... this is it... we started - I am so freakin excited about this new project! - of course we will be improving as we go along.. lots of learning to do for this wannabe Hugh Hefner... any hints or tips? please - feel free to let me know!)

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