Monday, October 27, 2014

Story Time: Wet

by Thorgal McGillivary, pictures by Thorgal - model Moya Moyet

As I went home after my usual Sunday workout I was really looking forward to a relaxed afternoon. Maybe put a nice movie on, order some food and just relax and do nothing. As I approach my house I hear water splatter from the front. Carefully I sneak around the corner and I check my pool. I am pleasantly surprised by the amazing sight of a sexy woman swimming in my pool. Just wearing tiny colorful bikini panties.. totally not aware of me observing her...

She hasn't noticed me yet and she is obviously enjoying her swim in my pool. Her summer dress and a towel are over the sunbed. Floating faced up now with her eyes closed I carefully approach and stand between the pool and the towel slowly letting my eyes enjoy the sight of her gorgeous breasts. She turns around and slowly climbs out of my pool when she notices me standing there.

I grab the towel but I don't offer it to her. Blushing she stutters "I'm so sorry Sir - I was feeling very hot when I passed your pool". I grin... a very logical explanation to find someone half-naked in your pool of course... apparently she assumed that I would be gone the whole afternoon when she decided to take a swim. I smile wickedly as I think to myself that she assumed so wrong and let my eyes go over her young sexy body again.

Somehow she decides not be to easily scared and lets her arms fall down besides her body, pushes her firm sexy breasts forward then smiles and takes one step forward. My eyes sway down to her breasts for just a sec and then I stare straight into the blonds very beautiful eyes.
Her blushing gets worse as she looks away from me and says "I need that towel to dry myself". I smile and say "eventually you'll dry from the air.. don't worry.." and as she tries to protest that that would take to long I trace a single drop of water on her body with my fingertip.. falling down from her hair.. on her shoulder... down the front and over the side of her left breast.

It's cute to see how she tries to keep her cool but the hard swollen nipple gives her true feelings away. "Why dont you lie down on that bed" i say in a not to be mistaken tone of command...

I see her look at the bed and actually think about it for a few moments. Then decides that hiding her breasts from my perving eyes was more important then continuing the discussion as she lays down on her belly on the bed. She turns her face away from me and let the warmth of the sun relax her. The muscles in her back and legs tighten when I sit down on the bed next to her and follow the gorgeous curves - "please don't" she says... "what?"... "please don't look at me..." as if she could feel my eyes tracing her female form.

When I first touch her its very lightly. With two fingers  I trace the spine down her back, slowly caress that little dimple just above her ass and then I hear a sigh escape her lips. "what's the matter?" I ask.. "euhm... nothing... Sir" is her only reply...

Then by surprise I pull aside her panties and slide my two fingers deep inside the moist pussy... "Lier..." I softly whisper. I feel her shiver and hear her moan... she looks my way - string of wet hair covering her face in a very sexy way, but I'm admiring her sexy ass... slowly, very slowly I pull my fingers out. she whimpers... I bring my fingers before her face "did you ever taste yourself?" No answer, As she tries not to look at the glistering on my fingers.. "you made them dirty" I say.. "you clean them.." as I press my fingers against her lips and enjoy how she slowly opens them. She moans as she sucks my fingers and then softly bites them a bit. "Careful.. " I say..  She smiles wickedly "Why?"

"You know you are in trouble now don't you? Turn around and dont move!" As my hands explore her body I can sense she finds it hard not to move. My fingers squeezing one of the hard nipples and her back arches. A loud moan this time and my fingers open the ties on both sides of the cute bikini panties. I remove the small piece of fabric and throw it aside... my fingers draw small circles on the inside of her thighs and I see her legs slowly spread. Juices dripping down between her thighs already as my hands cup the cutest pussy.

I lean over as I kiss her cheeks... nibble her lips a little and then our tongues meet. We taste, suck.. tease and then her tongue slides deep into my mouth. Close to loosing control now I pull myself away from her lips a few seconds. I tell her to turn around again - a small protest but she obeys. I grab her hands and tie them together to the top of the bed.

There she is.. tied to my garden bed... "Please... dont...  please just fuck me?" I hear her say.. I dont answer but instead lift her hips up... She's on her knees again... hands still tied together to the bed... I start to lick the swollen lips... long slow licks up and down while my hands caress her firm sexy ass... then I push my tongue deep into the soaking wet pussy... I hear her whimper... beg for me.. my thumbs now massaging her anus, my tongue and lips still giving love to the delicious pussy... "oh fuck yes... give it to me..." I hear her moan...

"I'm gonna make you cum this way sweety.. before I will fuck you I will make you cum like this..." - I slide two fingers in her pussy now and two from my other hand are fingering her ass... slowly picking up the pace... seeing how she yanks the ties that bind her wrists.. "it's no use sweety.. just relax and cum for me..." I hear her breather heavier and close to climaxing... "thats it sweets.. you cum for me baby... just let go..." My fingers are going faster and faster - pussy is soaking now, her juices running freely.. tasting to good... her knees are trembling and I see the lovely blond slowly dropping down on her belly before me.... unable to stay on her knees "Oh my god.. yes,..." I just keep fingering her... lean over, close to her ears "thats it... cum for me... you cum for me right now if you want my hard cock inside you...". My fingers just keep going... in... out.. deep inside her as she lays there crawling underneath my fingers... in... out... massaging her that special spot as I feel her tremble... tied down.. she cums for me..

I don't give her any time to catch her breath but instead lift her gently and turn her around.. wrists still tied to the bed above her head. Looking at me with begging eyes.. "please.. untie me.. please let me..." I just grin and grab her ankles.... each to a corner of the bed.. right here beside the pool... a gently breeze now touching her nipples as she lays before me; arms above her head, legs spread wide and unable to move... my fingers again all over that amazing body..  still dazzled from just cumming... slowly moving down..  neck.. breasts... caressing her belly... I smile as I hear a little giggle when I tickle her... then move my head between her legs, admire the neatly shaven pussy as I again lick the delicious lips.. I feel how he pushes up her hips... despite being tied up - I know she wants to grab and hold my head now but she can not...

I get on my knees in between her legs... the tip of my hard cock pressing in between her swollen lips... "go on Thor? please fuck me?" "Not just yet hun... not just yet..." I grin as I slide my cock up and down just a little.. then going up over her sexy body pushing my steel shaft in between those sexy breasts...  as I sit on my knees over her I use my hands to push her breasts together... squeezing the nipples... a drop of precum dripping in between those breasts... I lean forward and move my cock even higher... lusting as she she tries to catch it with her mouth.. so close to reaching it... just an inch away... and as she is fully focussed on trying to get my hard cock into her mouth as I suddenly lean back and start to finger her pussy... hard and deep... a surprised look.. then lifting her head  with my other hand I push my cock deep into her mouth... it all happens so fast that she cant't help but almost immediately cum again... fingering her as she sucks my cock... it feels so good... sweet tongue around my shaft... sucking so hard... as I feel I'm about to cum as well I get up and sit between her legs again..

Still tied to the bed... fully relaxed now from cumming twice.. and wide open before me... I push my cock deep inside her... so deep... so hard... she still wants to use her hands.. her arms... she doesn't give up...  but she can't... wants to use her legs... throw them around me.. but she can't... her body moves below me.... as I keep fucking her.. feel her pussy sucking me in...  squeezing my cock... so tight... god..  so good.. I feel her muscles pulling me in deep... so close now... leaning on one hand... other hand holding her head, staring into those lusting eager eyes... "that will teach you to swim in someone elses pool" I moan.... then I release my hot sweet seed deep inside her.... I just keep cumming..... feels like I cant stop cumming....

At last I open her cuffs and untie her feet.. allowing her to curl up against me... as we kiss and smile.... satisfied... as I hear her giggle "mmm... I think should come over and use your pool more often..."

(inspired by a story found somewhere on the interwebs. 
A modified version was used before during a Storytime event 
where Thorgal used to read erotic stories on SL voice)

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