Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Fantasy: Lean

Everybody must have a fantasy
[Andy Warhol]              

This is Be's first shoot for VIE Men's Second Lifestyle. She chose Leannan Wolfgang to model for her and took her to a beautiful sim called Annon. The Gate for the shoot. A sim and environment that is surely going to be the setting for more of Be's great fantasy based shoots. During the shoot Be asks her models about what fantasy means to them.

Be: Are you into fantasy and why?
Suff: Yes.....Because I am a geek at heart. I play World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings and Rift and games like that:)

Be: Do your role play  Fantasy themes in Sl?
Suff:  Not yet.. none of them have the right "feel".

Be:  What do u mean not the real feel?
Suff: I am not into the "roll a dice" Dungeons and Dragons.. I am into the action.  I usually play a swordswoman in games:)

Be: So you prefer computer games?
Suff: Yes in other games.  I actually DO want to get more into swordplay in SL. I have done it a bit, but some of the HUDs are not made right.

I wanna thank Leannan Wolfgang for posing for me and taking the time to answer my questions .

Love Be X

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