Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fantasy: Mistral

Everybody must have a fantasy
[Andy Warhol]              

This is Be's fantasy shoot with Mystrial Resident. Mystral loves to roleplay at fantasy sims. This photoshoot was done on the magical sim The Realm of Mystara (which is for medieval famtasy roleplay).

As said, Mystrial loves to roleplay at fantasy sims. She started only a few months ago and according to herself she is still a noob at it... can't imagine that being true when you see these pictures can you ;)

The Realm of Mystara  has loads of destinations to choose from a Chapel, Storm Camp, Flooded Ruins, Swamps, Dragon Temple and so on. It's a great sim to explore or to RP.

When Be and Mystrial were walking around they encountered dragons, wizards, witches and a whole lot of other fantasy characters. So you better go check this place out yourselves and take your camera with you.

Thank you Mystrial!

Love Be

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