Monday, October 13, 2014

Story Time: Afternoon Tea

by Lady Raven, pictures by Rix Spyker

The first thing she noticed as she walked out onto the balcony was the girl. A slim blonde, arms outstretched, back arched, standing on tiptoe. An usual position tobe in until you realised she was tied by her wrists on a device consisting of a timber cross, staked into a large rough hewn log with a large black rubber dildo attached to a wooden arm of sorts inserted in her pussy.
Lady Raven

“Lady Raven! Welcome” a tall dark haired man had risen from the cluster of seats around a table in front of the suspended girl, “Come My Dear take a seat, its so good you could come”. He beckoned her over clasping her hand warmly in his, a smile on his handsome face.
“Uncle Richard” she leaned in kiss him on the cheek, leaving a trace of her scarlet lipstick, her eyes glowing with love for her adopted Uncle. “How could I not come after such an intriguing invitation” she laughed softly and glanced over at the blonde. “I see you have provided entertainment as well as afternoon tea” She took a seat and helped herself to a couple of small delicate sandwiches as her Uncle poured a fragrant tea into her china cup.

“Oh and this must be the famous Lady Raven” a small dark haired girl sauntered towards them, her curvy body encased in the finest black silk mini dress “I’ve heard so much about you”

“Raven this is a friend of mine Dolly, Dolly this is my ward Lady Raven” He smiled at them both, his hand moving under the table and clasping the top of Ravens thigh just below the hemline of her white leather dress, his strong fingers massaging her pale creamy skin. She bit down slightly on her lower lip, suppressing a moan and squeezing her thighs together tightly to trap his fingers.

“A pleasure to meet you Dolly, I hope Uncle didn’t paint me too black!” she looked up at the blonde again “and what is the name of the delicious meat we have on display here?’, she reaches up and runs her beautifully manicured nails down the blondes thigh, feeling her tremble at the touch, wide blue eyes looking down at Raven then at Richard.

“You have permission to speak girl” he said, taking a sip of his tea, his fingers sliding up Ravens leg a little higher. “My name is Taya Lady, thank you for asking” the girl twisted slightly on the frame and let out a short gasp as the dildo moved within her, a sheen of cunt juice glistening in the afternoon light on her swollen pink clit and widely spread pussy lips. “Still in training is she Uncle?’ Raven enquires, now moving her fingers up the girls inner thigh towards her pussy as she nibbles delicately on a smoked salmon sandwich, “At least she has learnt to keep her mouth shut”.

Richard shrugs his shoulders “she shows some promise, though she can sometimes be a little reluctant to follow orders”. His wandering fingers find the small wisp of panties covering Ravens cunt and wiggle their beneath the flimsy fabric. Raven turns looking at him pointedly with her bright blue eyes, pupils widening and darkening as she spreads her thighs beneath the table to give him better access. She turns back to the blonde and mimics his actions with her own fingers running them whisper like over the girls clit, watching as the girls nostrils flair and she fights to hold back a moan unsuccessfully.

“Quiet girl!” Richard barks, startling Dolly who was watching Ravens hand mesmerised. “oh you made me jump” she giggles, shifting in her seat, Raven notices her right hand has slipped beneath the white table cloth and smiles to herself knowingly. Her Uncle looks at her, a command in his eyes as his finger and thumb pinch her clit beneath the table, she looks calmly at him determined not to show her feelings on her face. He has taught her well over the years and she understands what he wants from her. She keeps her eyes on his as she follows his lead, taking the blondes clit between finger and thumb and twisting it cruelly. The girl cries out,teetering on her tip toes, her movement grinding the dildo into her slutty twat. Raven continues to pull and twist on the swollen nub of flesh, she growls under her breath “If you cum girl I will whip the flesh from your buttocks, is that understood?”

“Yes Lady Raven” the slut cries, her breath coming in short desperate gasps. Raven looks back over at Dolly and can see her upper body moving slightly, rocking back and forth and she knows the brunette is masturbating as she watches.

She slides down a little in her chair and her Uncle slips two fingers in her now very wet pussy, pumping them softly as he watches her fingers torture the submissive’s clit. The silence on the balcony only broken by the victims muffled moans as she almost bites through her bottom lip trying to hold back her orgasm a trickles of blood running down her chin.

Richard drains his cup “Enough Raven, let her catch her breath, bend over the table my dear and hitch that skirt up” Ravens eyes widen and she rises, pulling up the leather dress to expose her cunt, the flimsy fabric bunched to one side. ‘Yes Uncle” she murmurs and laying her hands on the table she spreads her legs, planting her feet firmly and pushes her pert bottom in the air. Bracing herself as she looks at Dolly who has seized to even pretend she isn’t fingering herself and is slouched in the chair, legs spread, her fingers rubbing slowly at her clit.

Richard stands, unzipping himself, his thick cock springing free as he pushes the chairs out of his way, and moves behind her, with one swift movement ripping the thong from her and throwing it to the floor, gripping her slim hips in his big hands he spits down between her spread arsecheeks and watches his saliva pool in her tightly puckered sphincter. “Thats my girl” he growls gruffly and thrust forward with his hips, piercing her with his prick in one thrust. Raven grunts and her fingers curl in the table cloth, the sugar bowl tipping and cubes spilling out as her anus is stretched and he sinks his length into her.

“Oh fuck!” Dolly groans as she watches Sir Richard start to pound into his neices tight arsehole, his balls slapping audibly against her wet pussy lips. The girl on the cross squirming on her dildo trying to fuck herself with it as she stares wide eyed at the pair of them. He grabs a handful of Ravens hair, his hips bucking wildly, his other hand reaching around her, he rubs at her clit “Cum for Uncle My Girl” he whispers in her ear, leaning in close so his hot breath feels like its searing her neck. “You can all cum” he growls as his pace quickens and his balls tighten.

He brings his hand down smartly on Ravens trembling bottom, leaving a bright pink imprint, his teeth biting down on the soft flesh of her neck. She cries out then draws in a deep shuddering breath, holding it for the space of four heartbeats as her orgasm builds. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” she howls as her climax rips through her body like a tornado, her pussy gushing a stream of milky juices, her arsehole clenching and pulsating around Richards meat. Her vision is blurred but she can hear Dolly and Taya cuming too, their moans echoing around the balcony.

“Yes My little slut” he groans and thrusts ball deep inside her bowel as he cums, filling her arse with his thick jiz, pulling free and covering her buttocks with the rest of his seed. He grabs a serviette from the table and passes it to the panting Raven, “Clean up my dear” he says,smiling down at his handiwork, taking a seat, his glistening cock flaccid between his muscular thighs. She takes the pristine white cotton napkin and wipes the ropes of cum from her gapping arsehole and buttocks, then, before returning to her seat, she comes close to the girl on the cross and stuffs the sodden material in her mouth.

“Your reward slut” she laughs as she pulls her skirt back down her thighs and takes her seat, reaching for the tea and taking a long draft of the now tepid brew. “I have to go Uncle, I have an appointment, sorry to run” she leans over and kisses his cheek and whispers “You are evil, but I love you”

“Fine my dear, thank you for your contribution to an entertaining afternoon, I am sure Dolly will be willing to clear up the mess” he motions to the brunette as Raven rises, picking up her bag and walking towards the door, a little gingerlym, rubbing at the bite mark on her neck. “Bye Raven” her Uncle calls. She looks over her shoulder back at them, smiling as she sees Dolly crouching between her Uncles legs, her mouth dipping to his groin on cleanup duty. “Bye Uncle, bye Dolly” I hope she enjoys the taste of my arse, she laughs to herself as she leaves.

Based on an inworld Roleplay.

Names have been changed to protect the evil.

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