Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VIE's Femme: Miss Emily

Her being the second ever VIE's Femme in history we couldn't have been more happy. If there was ever a model simply born to wear the VIE's Femme title then she is it. Virtual Immaturity Entertainment is proud to present, in another awesome photo-shoot by Rachel Swallows:
-- Miss Emily --

Name: MissEmily23
Favorite activities on SL:
Making Movies, building sets and designing clothes
Guilty Pleasures: She-males
Ambitions: To make the best movies
Turn-ons: Sweet and innocent on the outside, super naughty on the inside! (Females of course)
Turn-offs: People that think they some how own me, without ever having said a word to me. It's beyond arrogance!!
SL People I admire: When I started in porn it was like everybody!! Now I would say Serenity and Thorgal, because they make movies in a different way then I do and in a way  I don't think I can. Not saying they are better... just different and I admire that.
If there's one SIM you need to visit its:
Vision, for my Saturday Beach parties!!!