Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dear Henry: How much sex is normal?

Every two weeks Henry cleans out the VIE MSL mailbox and takes some time to answer a question from a needy, pathetic or simply highest paying blogreader.

Sometimes harsh, hardly ever subtle, mostly innocent but always helpful (or at least trying to be). If you have a delicate issue you need professional help with - just go out and get some... if you can't afford it and nobody else wants to help you could always consider e-mailing Henry.

Dear Henry,

My SL girlfriend keeps complaining that I only have cybersex with her 2 or maybe 3 times a week. I really love her and all but all her girlfriends keep telling her that I'm probably cheating and fucking around cause all their SL boyfriends want to do is fuck all the time so she is convinced I must have more girls then just her because I only want a few times a week... what should I do? btw. the sex is awesome, that's not the problem!

an early and long time fan of yours!

Eb OldMountain

Hey Eb,

You are kidding right? I mean... we are among guys here so you can just be honest. I understand you want to keep up appearances for your girlfriend but come on... we all know there are no honest guys in SL, some of us are just better at pretending to be then others.

And that's is exactly where I suspect your real problem lies. Even in my most unfaithful days when I was keeping busy around 8 SL girlfriends at the same time I managed to cyber with each of them on an almost daily basis and it goes without saying they didn't know about each other... Of course, as you have experienced yourself it is actually easier if you do manage to keep them all busy on a daily basis - because then they are less likely to suspect you are seeing more then one girl...

So, I have just one piece of advice to you... either man up and fuck her once a day (and fuck her good as she and every woman out there deserves) or send her name to me and I'll show her how real SL men screw around without those women suspecting anything.

You say the sex is awesome, but to be honest - I suspect you wouldn't know awesome sex if it came up and fucked you in the ass!

Thanks for being a fan! I'll send you a t-shirt buddy.


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