Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dear Henry: Premature prim attaching?

Every two weeks Henry cleans out the VIE MSL mailbox and takes some time to answer a question from a needy, pathetic or simply highest paying blogreader.

Sometimes harsh, hardly ever subtle, mostly innocent but always helpful (or at least trying to be). If you have a delicate issue you need professional help with - just go out and get some... if you can't afford it and nobody else wants to help you could always consider e-mailing Henry.

Dear Henry,

During a second life date, what would you say is the most appropriate time to attach my prim bit? Of course I don't want to seem to eager but I don't want to seem not ready when the time comes either... I think there's nothing more embarrassing then not getting it rezzed when she's is finally ready to go?

with kind regards,
Mr. TM

Dear Mr. TM,

I promised the editor of this webmagazine I would resist the urge to call you all noobs but you asking this stupid question clearly shows you are - truth hurts doesn't it?

Of course you want to attach your love-shaft well before actually going on the date. You say you don't want to seem to eager? Well there's no reason to put it in up-most position right away. Just keep it hidden until either of you emotes opening your zipper.... (and I'll have you know doing that as opening sentence only works in Hard Alley or if you are as wanted and lusted for as myself)

Everybody knows there's two things every SL woman worth taking on a date does during the first 5 minutes. First she'll will try and find out what amount of L$ you have on your account and second, she will check your prim cock size by showing the invisible objects on your avatar (that's ctrl-alt-T btw). If you're not wearing your expensive big brand cock right there she will make up an excuse and just leave you right there and then...  remember how most of your dates probably sudden crash mid sentence?

Oh... and make sure it's not one of those freebie peens either - I swear they know every brand out there and a 10L$ monstercock will only confirm your L$ aren't worth sticking around for either!

You're probably to noob to understand what I am talking about anyways, but hopefully that helped,

now go f*ck yourself,


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  1. Wonders what henry is sporting...i will have to try that ctrl alt t thingy next time i see you ;)