Tuesday, October 21, 2014


That kind of girl... the type you know you always need to look good for or she will simply walk out that door never to come back. Luckily there's just two things you need to prevent that from happening; a good strong hot cup of black coffee and these PJ's by Sweet Intoxication. And who knows... maybe she will take of that gorgeous piece of lingery called "Wendy" from Chocolate Atelier just like she did the evening before...

(thanx to model Kellis Denimore from The Guideline )

This has become a very controversial shoot in the fashion world of SL since the model that was originally featured in this series panicked after she saw the results and decided she didn't want the pictures published at all. According to her, this wasn't a fashion shoot, whatever that may mean. I would like to express my gratitude to Kellis being available and enthusiastic about this re-shoot (resulting in even better pictures I think) despite putting her career on the line with these ;)  

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