Friday, October 24, 2014

Clublife: Heaven & Hell

Thank god it's Friday! Time to dress up, get out and go have some serious fun. Now we know how difficult it is for the successful classy SL male to find suitable venues where we can enjoy only the finest of what Second Life has to offer - so we're going to point you in the right direction. Every week we visit a club and let one of their girls tell you why you should go there...

So this week we have Bristol Heron from one of the longest around strip and escort clubs in SL Heaven n Hell

"I have worked with Heaven n Hell now for almost 3 years and have been in the adult entertainment scene for several. 

Heaven n Hell is one of the most distinguished and friendly erotic dance clubs in Second Life for the discerning individual.  It goes without saying that the ladies are beautiful, but also friendly and welcoming which really does separate us from the rest.  

If you are in search of a warm, sexy environment that you look forward to frequenting and calling your second home... Heaven n Hell is the place!"

Smiling softly as the ever so handsome gentleman sits down in the leather chair before her, his eyes dancing across her creamy soft skin as her hips sway seductively in sync with the music. Her soft hands glide across her toned torso, brushing the pads of her fingertips across her perked nipples covered by lace.  

Stepping away from the stage she dances before him, reaching back as her dainty hands work gracefully to unclasp the tiny snaps adorning her black bra.Feeling the material slide away from her flesh she trails the tip of her tongue along her pursed lips never leaving her suitors gaze as she quivers feeling the fabric fall to the floor.  

Her full breasts bouncing with each step towards the alluring gentleman, reaching towards his coat lapels pulling him closer to her wanting mouth as she whispers against his lips, "Do you enjoy what you see?" a soft giggle trickling away as her warm breath trails across his masculine scented neck breathing in deeply... "Thank you Sir for your generosity..."

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