Wednesday, October 8, 2014

VIE's Femme: Ayara Illios

VIE's Femme - these are the women we turn our heads for... the playmate, the pet - ony better... a league of their own. Gorgeous, luscious, the ones all us men want. And they are the single center of attention in VIE Femme photo-shoots by Rachel Swallows. This is the premiere of the VIE's Femme, the first ever so made sure it was someone special... Virtual Immaturity Entertainment proudly presents it's first VIE Femme, in an awesome photo-shoot by Rachel Swallows:

-- Ayara Illios --

Name: Ayara Illios aka PINK AWESOMEBITCH
Favorite activities on SL:
Lots of things like shopping, dancing, hanging with friends, take pics, flirt
Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate
Ambitions: None really, my main goal is to be able to pay my tier, I'm happy when i have that covered. And life is pretty good as it is.
Turn-ons: Goodlooking strong men who arent affraid to take charge & rough sex...
Turn-offs: Beggars, self centered morons, attention whores, dumb people
SL People I admire: People who work hard, and dont resort to ass-kissing and/or backstabbing to get where or what they want
If there's one SIM you need to visit its:
Sensual Fun, cause my little beach hangout is there. Party every thursday  1-3 PM SLT


  1. Very nice work! And i am honoured to be the first "Femme" to be featured ;-)

  2. Thank you Aya! You look amazing and we're honored you agreed to be a VIE Femme!