Wednesday, February 11, 2015

VIE's Femme: Dita Lamour

text and images by Rachel Swallows

Again a very special lady for VIE's Femme. If you want retro and vintage clothing in Second Life, then one of your first stops should be Dita's store *Knockers*, a lover of all things vintage Dita creates authentic and fun outfits mainly themed around the 1950's a decade obviously close to her heart byt many other styles as well, including skins and hair. But as well as being an amazing creator Dita is full of fun and knows how to enjoy her second life.

So in a retro shoot by Rachel, here she is:

-- Dita Lamour --

Name: Dita Lamour
Favorite activities on SL: Designing, Spending Time with my Bestie Irrie Ember and Dancing @ Retroville's 50's on Fridays
Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate, any form, any time. Dark. Light. Milk. Cold. Hot. Solid. Melty.
Ambitions: To set more time aside to create more original art, so I can bring it into SL to use in my designs
Turn-ons: Tattoos, Intellectuals, Rockabilly Fashion and Music, anything Retro and Vinatge 
Turn-offs: Bad Teeth, Bad Breath, Pervs
SL People I admire: Irrie Ember, She's extremely talented and the most lovable person I know in SL
If there's one SIM you need to visit its: Retroville @ Hard Alley

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