Friday, February 27, 2015

Fashion: Sneak Peek February

Penumbra's Sneak Peek February from the 25th till the 5th. The newest, not even available fashion designs from some of the best designers of Second Life for sale a very short time at the Sneak Peek location. And like last time I consider myself lucky - not a lot of male stuff at the Sneak Peek events - but what they have is amazing.

This time I got the Joona outfit from LRD in four colors. Wether you wanna go classic or casual - with this outfit you can do both. It contains two pants; one casual and one classic. I have to say - after I decided on color and put the suit on I felt like a distinguished and very stylish classy Mr.Grey in this outfit. (click read more for all the colors).

As you can see in the picture the textures are amazing. Every month Penumbra delivers on indeed having the best of SL participating in their Sneak Peek event I think.

This outfit comes with a simple HUD to select the color and design of the tie, blouse and vest basically giving you plenty of options with this suit to make a truly unforgettable impression wearing this.

It comes in blue, brown, grey and black and the only small thing that annoyed me a bit was the fact that the shoes (yes... shoes are included as well) are sticking through the pants. All in all I love this suit and surely recommend it to all you fashionable males out there!

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