Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The editor is never late, nor is he early...

Damn... time flies when you're having fun. Another two weeks gone already since my last editorial and I'm totally going to ignore the fact that this one is a day day... Ah well - it got no pictures so you all are not going to read this anyways ;)

We had some late stuff these two weeks - here I was thinking these flu epidemic was a nation wide thing, but if there's one thing Second Life is good at it's showing the similarity's for all of us globally - including this flu. Either that or I transferred my flu to all of you doing one of those way to intimate porn parties which would be even more scientifically surprising.

Anyways - despite delays we had some great stuff past two weeks and there will be even more great stuff for you all next two weeks. I've seen the next glamour shoot by Graham, I've read (and seen) Lady Raven's erotic story for Monday and I I know we've got some other spectacular stuff coming for you... let me assure you that you will want to check this blog often for things to come.

I suspect there will also very soon be some big news about the porn and sexiest awards that we are closing in on. SL Porn's social events of the year which we will be sure to cover right here on the blog. So yes - loads of hot stuff happening soon!

it's all just fun and pixels!
Thorgal McGillivary

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