Friday, February 13, 2015

Fashion Friday: Sort off...

Now first I have to admit something. This review took a freakin long time and in all fairness - I can understand if Evia Egoism is never again going to supply me with any of their stuff for review here. The problem is - I more then loved what they provided me with but at the same time I am kind of anal about my avatar appearance when it comes to skin and shape. (and that's anal in the not so good way...)

Anyways - I asked and got to review the Evian Salvatore full avatar. Which includes shape, skin, mesh head, feet, hands and even. You can find all info on the full package right here. (prim manhood not included btw).

I love this one. At first I was a bit scared cause I had heard the horror stories of (mostly) females around SL about how much time sometimes goes into the perfect matching of all mesh part... coloring... sizing... and then all the different appliers and technical stuff to get your clothes to fit. This was my first ever mesh body part and I was afraid I to had to get into all at but putting it all on and making it look right was surprisingly easy.

Now like I said - I'm pretty anal about my appearance so I did try to put it all on and keep it as close as possible to the Thorgal we all know and lust for... (you all do right?). And I have to say - that worked out pretty good but it did mean I didn't use the included hair in the pictures below. Just check the marketplace picture and link for the included hair.

So... what's the verdict? I love this product. The shape is athletic but not overdone (so you won't look like over sized cartoon), the skin looks great! Just check the pictures (the scars and tattoo's below are there because they are Thorgal... not included with this avatar!). And yes - mesh hands and feet do look way better then what I was used to. I suddenly feel ashamed for using the default feet all this time. Then again - my close-ups usually don't include feet, and if they do I make sure it's no my feet ;) There's HUDS for the hair, facial hear, hands and feet (nails, body-hair) and all that stuff. Even I could figure it out so that's all pretty well done I would say.

Two things still bug me, could be just me - personal preference but I wanted to mention them here: the head annoyed me at times (yeah I know...) in general it looked great but somehow I couldn't get it on a photograph in any way I liked. It's the main thing keeping me from using the avatar full-time at the moment. Second is also the mesh head - mesh head (I think) don't have any expression? I've been told some are supplied with a emotion hud but this one is not... (or; and that is a real possibility) I just couldn't figure it out... now that is the things that keeps me from using it for my photography and movies.

So yes! great shape, skin and parts for this one. Check out the pictures and see for yourself. The L$3600 might be a bit steep for some of you but I really do think it's not that expensive if you consider it's the full package you're getting with great ease of use.

My fear of loosing to much of Thorgal's characteristics keeps me from wearing it all the time but every now and then I do put it on and people tend to notice and complement me on my improved look. That's a good sign right?

(my apologies for now to all the ladies in the picture - it hs been so long I couldn't find my own note with all the model's names. If you're in it - remind me and I will put your name on here. So far I have Eva, Zuby and Moya)

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