Saturday, February 14, 2015

And the first winners are...

Today was the day of the Awards show where the Golden Cock winners were to be announced. Unfortunately I couldn't make it myself but I'm sure they had a great party, even without me ;)

As you might know I was nominated in the category "best Cock" and it seems something went wrong because here on the SL Porn website it says that Larry Vinaver won the award? Ah well... if you don't show up (like me) you can't complain that you didn't win I guess *grins*. I have to say I hated missing the party cause if the porn parties are anything to go by these ladies sure know how to throw a good party!

The Golden Cock is an award for several different categories awarded to people who starred in movies by Miss Emily Studio's, Naugh Pixel Productions or Club E Productions. The winner is determined by the producers themselves and the whole thing is first and for all a fun event.

Big winners this year were Legs Wide Spread (best movie), Zuriel Bedlam (best Actor) and Sandy (best Actress). For full information  on the winners go check out Miss Emily's SL Porn website right here.

Ah well... next stop the Sexiest award. I was nominated again, this time for Sexiest Actor - let's see if we can take home an award from that event then instead :)


  1. Sour grapes? Not at all - congrats of course! But you have to be realistic Larry, the category is called "best Cock" after all...

    My appearance in Legs Wide Spread was nothing short of amazing. Partly because of Miss Emily's talent as producer of course but the emotion and deep background I put in my character combined with they way I prepared by being a complete dick for weeks in advance was never seen before in this business. I think around 99,7% of the SL Porn industry would agree I should have been nominated and awarded "best Actor" for this part... *grins*

    But still... congrats!

  2. Thank you, Thor, that was very gracious of you to say so. I admire your work very much. I of course am new to the industry and always enjoy a supporting role to any who need me as an extra or a partner in any shoot. I was overjoyed to receive the award but feel it is shared by those in the SL Porn/adult- related groups that have helped me to gain a small appreciation for which I am very grateful. I was happy to receive a nomination initially and the award came as a delightful surprise which I was happy to accept with grace and humility in the knowledge that I have boundless gratitude for those who gave me that chance.
    Your contributions are noted and valued by all , you are a respected figure in the industry.

  3. Damn... you're good making me feel all bad now with your noble and gracious reply.... *grins*

    (damn, damn... calling me respected where I was aiming for annoying asshole, complete dick and downright Diva...)