Saturday, February 21, 2015

Clublife: Showgirls

Saturday night again! This week Thorgal spend some time at Showgirls with voice escorts Dox and Pinks. Trust me... click "read more" below for a very special edition of Clublife with a photoshoot of 2 dancers and an actual voiced emote by one of them (the arousing Dox).

Showgirls offers a wide range of entertainment from live voice sex shows to friendly chat. Showgirls features some of the hottest girls on the grid, all experienced in fanstasy roleplay and adult entertainment. Showgirls are always ready and willing to fulfill your most decadent desires.

I slip down from the stage, standing in front of your chair, reaching up to unfasten my tiny little top and peel it down over my breasts, exposing them. Lifting my hands into my long, black hair, letting it cascade through my fingers and down my back as I slide into your lap. Reaching up to grip your strong shoulders for leverage as I pull myself in above you, hovering briefly before settling into your lap. 
Shifting from knee to knee, letting you feel my thighs squeeze around yours. I take my finger and run it down the bridge of your nose, to your lips, tracing them and licking my lips at the same time. Leaning in and pressing a soft kiss at the corner of your mouth before moving my lips to your ear, whispering, "It's so good to be in your lap." Then I reluctantly lift from your lap, turn and give you a wink over my shoulder, as I ascend the stage again to tease you from a distance.

Or even better, hear Dox tell it to you herself:

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