Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rich Life: Motivating

Photoshoot & text by Melina Jameson,
Models: Rachel Avro-Sharple, ώΘΘɖϓ ώεȘτ

Woody was starting to get tired of doing the same gym routine everyday...he was looking for a new way to keep himself motivated and maintain his six-pack. There was only one way to do it! Hire the best personal trainer, not to mention the highest paid one, and see what would happen!

Well definitely it worked! Not only Rache did manage to make him run faster and longer than ever...

make him execute more crunches  that he had ever managed in 60 seconds

make him pump iron harder than he had ever done

but also had her own special way to help him get rid of the unwanted toxins and fat

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