Monday, February 16, 2015

Story Time: Breakdown

Story by Lady Raven. pictures by Crow Mistwalker. model: Raven Rondini

The sun was beginning to set and the knocking noise from the engine was getting louder by the minute. Raven slammed her palm against the steering wheel in frustration, gritting her teeth, these classic cars looked beautiful, but gods they could be unreliable. She could see the lights from a small town just ahead and prayed the damn thing would get her there, she didn't fancy walking for miles in these heels.

Lady Raven
Finally in a cloud of smoke she managed to pull into a garage and peered through the windscreen trying to spy someone to help, eventually a tousled haired youth swaggered out of the shop at the side and wandered up to her car. She climbed out, showing off a long length of tanned thigh as she did, smoothing down her pillar box red trench coat she walked up to him as he drew closer.

‘I guess you're the mechanic around here then?’ she enquired as he stopped in front of her, all lean and mean looking, a tight vest showing off his muscular arms as he looked her up and down with his hands in his jeans pockets. ‘Yes Mam that I am, what appears to be the problem?’ She turned to look back at the car and the wisps of smoke rising from under the bonnet ‘Young man that’s what you get paid to find out, I need to be in a meeting early tomorrow morning, there will be a bonus in it for you if you can fix the damn thing for me before then. Now is there somewhere half decent I can book in for the night?’

She held out the keys and dropped them into his hand ‘Theres a motel just across the street mam, ain't to bad on the whole, leastwise its mostly clean, I’ll come over and let you know how the cars getting along if you like’ He pointed over the road as he took the keys and opened the drivers door. ‘Yes yes that would be fine’ she hoped to god he knew what he was doing and marched over to the motel.

After enduring the leers of the motels night manager she finally opened the door to her room and threw her overnight bag down, she quickly stripped down to her underwear and turning on the tv sank onto the couch to try and relax. After a couple of hours of mind numbing tv, she found the porn channels and started flicking through idly, before settling for a movie involving four well hung guys and a slim brunette getting all her holes pounded. She licked her lips as the girl was on all fours, riding one cock, another guy taking her from behind ramming his fat cock in her arsehole and her greedy mouth swapping from one to the other cock of the two guys kneeling in front of her. ‘Lucky bitch’ Raven muttered under her breath, her hand moving between her thighs pulling the thin strip of red satin to one side and dipping two fingers in her own pussy.

She starts to finger her clit as she watches, the camera zooming in on the girls anus stretched to almost tearing point by the cock slamming into it repeatedly ‘fuck yes’ she moans, her fingers moving faster, stomach tightening as the camera moves to the girls face, and the other two guys climax almost as one, their cum splattering over the girls face and open mouth. ‘Fuck’ she groans as she orgasms and sinks back on the couch, looking up to suddenly see a face at the window, looking in through the gap in the threadbare curtains that she had forgotten to completely close.  The young mechanic is stood, just watching her brazenly a smile on his face, hes obviously seen everything.

Realising he's been spotted, he looks her in the eye but still doesn't move, she gets up still looking at him and pulls her panties down, turning to bend over to take them off giving him a full view of her peachy arse and pouting pussy lips. She throws the slightly damp panties onto the couch and walks over to the bed, looking over her shoulder in the direction of the window and curls a finger invitingly. Lying down on the bed in the dark room, the only light a flickering glow from the tv, she spreads her legs, putting an arm behind her head and waits.

She doesn't have to wait long before she hears the click of the door opening and footsteps entering the room, then there he is looming over the bed, grinning down at her, looking as good as a long cold glass of long island tea. She brings her knees up, drops her thighs and shows off her waxed and juicy cunt, still glistening with her honey from her orgasm. He doesn't need to be asked and climbs on top of her, smelling of sweat and oil he leans in to kiss her, forcing his tongue into her mouth, crushing his lips to hers as his large rough hands grope at her soft body.

He pulls her roughly over to the edge of the bed, he knows what she wants, even at his young age, he can read the hunger in her eyes, quickly undoing his jeans he pulls out his already hard cock and pulling her legs apart thrust his hips forward, burying his dick balls deep into her slick cunt. Raven doesn't say a word, just hooks her long legs around his lean body, crossing her ankles as his prick parts her petals and groans as his meat fills her, her nails digging into his shoulders as he starts to pound away at her pussy in youthful eagerness.

What he lacks in experience he certainly makes up for in energy, tonight she doesn't want skillful sex, she just wants a good hard fucking and thats whats she getting. He grunts animal like as he uses her pussy, thrusting eagerly as Raven squirms beneath him. She cries out as she cums, her pussy squirting, drenching his cock in her sweet juices, for the first time she actually speaks ‘I want to ride you’ and he pulls from her and climbs onto the bed lying back, cock standing proud like a flagpole.

She straddles him, taking his slick sticky cock in her hand and guiding it, not to her gapping pussy but to her tightly puckered anus, running the slimy tip of his prick over her entrance lubbing herself up with her own juices and his precum. He looks up at her in surprise but grabs hold of her hips and pulls her down, meeting resistance as his cockhead pushes against her tight ring.

Raven is in no mood for waiting and digging her fingers into his chest she plunges her body down, her arsehole stretching painfully to take his girth. She groans as she sinks down, the sweet pain of his entrance quickly turning to pleasure as she pumps her thighs slowly and starts to ride him. Her fingers going to her clit, rubbing the swollen nub furiously, his prick plundering her arsehole quickly brings her to another hard climax. ‘Fuck lady I’m gonna cum’ he grunts, her rough fingers bruising her flesh, ‘Not yet’ she groans and pulls herself slowly of his cock and lies down on the bed panting next to him ‘Feed me’ she demands.

Getting the picture quickly he straddles her sweaty body and grabbing his cock starts to pump his flesh, aiming at her tits and face, as she eagerly awaits, mouth open. It doesn't take long before he groans deeply and starts to squirt thick ropes of cum, shooting for her open lips, filling her mouth with his seed as Raven hungerly gulps the sticky mess down, drops splattering over her face, smearing her glasses, as his hips jerk another load lands on her heaving breasts. Finally done he climbs off her and pulls up his jeans, smiling down at her, the well dressed business woman, now naked, sweaty and covered in his jiz. ‘Car will be ready at nine am Mam’ he says and picking up his shirt swaggers to the door ‘See you then lady’

Based on an in world roleplay, 
my thanks to Crow Mistwalker from Wicked Creative Studios 
for taking the photos.


  1. Hot story! Great pictures too...location looks familiar.....GO RETROVILLE! xD

  2. thanks and yes: Go Retroville! and go Lady Raven! :)