Monday, February 23, 2015

Ok, we're screwed... and not in a good way...

I was going to write a very enthousiastic new editorial here about how happy I am with this team and how we have an additional amazing artist coming to join us... I still am happy and amazed with this new fabulous photographer joining us but today also saw some terrible news for those of us using Blogger to enjoy and showcase the more adult side of Second Life.

Blogger/Google is updating their Adult content policy for blogger which basically states that after March 23rd all blogs still showing adult content and not set to private will be set to private anyways.

Private meaning that only owner and admins can see the blog as well as people invited by the owner (using their e-mail addresses) which will require all these people to login if they want to visit and perv. Simply not acceptable I think because I know I wouldn't bother to login every time I wanted to visit blogs like The Pornstars or SL Porn and I wouldn't expect anybody to do that for VIE MSL either.

So... options? I'm gonna investigate moving this blog somewhere else in a way that I can transfer all the existing content as well... Blogger to Wordpress seems to be easiest on first research - I've already managed to export and import all blogposts. VIE MSL hasn't been around very long yet but I can only imagine the damage done to search results for the previously mentioned blogs who have been around much longer. In the mean time the blog will continue business as usual - trust me, the new addition to the team and the new features will be worth it!

Damn this sucks... and not in the good way...

sure it's all just fun and pixels,
and we're def gonna find a way to move our asses out of here ;)

Thorgal McGillivary


  1. So free Wordpress is not an option either:

    To be transparent about what is and isn’t allowed on your site, we’ve put together this set of guidelines. The following activity/material isn’t allowed on
    We know that there may be different definitions of this, but generally, we define pornography as visual depictions of sexually explicit acts. Nudity, in and of itself, is fine.

  2. Contrarily to what I thought, Tumblr might be the way to go. Here is what they say about adult contents in their guidelines:

    Is adult-oriented content allowed on Tumblr?
    Sure. We have no problem with that kind of stuff. Go nuts. Show nuts. Whatever.

    So it seems to be quite OK. Only sexually explicit videos can't be uploaded, and you have to mark the blog as NSFW, so it will disappear from general searches. But it seems people who have a direct link can see it anyway (I just tested).