Saturday, February 7, 2015

Clublife: Wilde Girlz

Saturday night! Time to head over to Wilde Girlz Gentlemen's Club where this week Thorgal did a photoshoot with Mindy...

Wilde Girlz Gentleman's Club is where the wild girls come to play! A group of classy, sexy and sensual women working at a Gentlemens Club. Specializing to entertain men and women while making their fantasies come to life creating a friendly atmosphere where the staff caters to everyone. They offer Bachelor parties, theme events weekly, and hotel/private rooms.  Stop by to get hot, wet and Wilde!

Mindy Brezoianu locks her eyes to his...sauntering off the stage with swagger as she nears him. Tucking her thumbs in to the thin silky straps of her top she gradually lowers it.  The thin fabric sliding down caressing her skin as she reveals to him her perky puckered bare nipples.  

The corner of her lip curled int o a sultry smile.  She reaches out with one hand cupping his chin before tilting her head to the side, pressing her crimson lips to his as she shows her appreciation.  Whispering across his moistened lips, 'thank you', before twirling on her stiletto then prancing back to her place on the stage...

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