Monday, November 17, 2014

Where does naughty time go...

It's getting colder and colder outside but things are definitely heating up here on your favorite blog... Did you notice? It's good to see we're already making a difference out there in the Second Life blog universe on several different aspects as well... Some of the erotic blogs expanded their teams and stepped up their pace of publishing and some of the same blogs seem to agree that having regular high quality photo-shoots by the same photographer actually is a very good idea. Which is all fantastic of course, the more the merrier to promote this wonderful virtual fantasy.

Some of the designers and fashion agency's start to find us as a good spot to reach the fashion-aware male Second Life connoisseurs out there... yes - we're are going places... we're being noticed and we only just started :)

True, fashion has been a bit low last two weeks - but no worries, it'll be back with a blast.... we introduced the Clublife regular idea and I'm confident with going to add some very talented people to our already amazing team shortly to follow up that idea and another new category....

Having said that - I do believe we only just started. If you think you have a great idea for a blog like ours; a Male Second Lifestyle blog - then please don't hesitate but just contact me and pitch it. We're looking to expand, people working on this blog have great artistic freedom at what they do... you just need to be able to deliver every two weeks or you'll have me all over your ass.

*grins* I know some might say that's a good thing... which brings me to a note to myself: I really need to contact Hugh Hefner and Charlie Sheen... I mean; How do they do all this and still manage to find time to enjoy the good times with all those lovely sweet gorgeous women out there... I guess that's gonna be one of my new years resolutions already;  I'll need to find some time to enjoy... euhm... let's call it the finer things in Second Life ;)

Pay attention you all; it's all just fun and pixels!

Thorgal McGillivary 

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