Monday, November 24, 2014

Story Time: Dinner party

by Thorgal McGillivary, pictures by Thorgal - model Eva Brunswick, story is in third-person form because it was once written to be read on voice by Thorgal.

It's is a typical lazy Sunday afternoon. I had a nice workout earlier this afternoon and have just hit the shower. I’m feeling the warm water soothing my body when I hear my club pager ring. I recognize the number so I put it on the speaker while still under the shower.

I hear your lovely soft voice as you explain to me that you want to make use of my services on very short notice. You have a dinner party with your department from work this afternoon. And because you want to avoid being hit on by some of the single guys at your work this evening you’ve told them you are bringing a date. The guy you asked chickened out at the last moment and now you’re asking if I'm free and able to join you.

You are, I think, my favorite regular client because besides being incredible sexy and intelligent you have turned out to be very naughty indeed... with you it’s never just running to the bed and getting busy, you always take me somewhere nice and we build up the erotic tension between us before finally finding satisfaction in some mind-blowing sex. Mmmmm, I think… this Sunday is going to, after all, be even better than I expected.  You text me the address and we agree to meet before the restaurant so we can enter together.

I think back to our previous get-togethers and right there under shower my mind start to fantasize about you. I finish showering by just playing a bit... stroking my swollen manhood thinking of you—looking forward to your touch this evening. God, hope it won’t be just the dinner party. After making sure I'm fully relaxed, I come out from under the shower, get dressed, and get on my way.

The place is close to my apartment so I walk over and wait for you. After waiting 10 minutes in front of the restaurant and wondering what’s keeping you, one of your colleagues, who introduces himself as John, notices me standing there and asks me to come inside. You will join us soon enough, no use standing outside, he says. I send you a text message letting you know I'm already inside. I follow your colleague and from the questions he asks me about us, I suspect he has had his eye on you for some time now. He is not too pleased with me being your date.

When I enter the small restaurant I notice what a nice cozy place it is.  There are two separate rooms, one for dinner parties in use now for your group, the other is more like a regular bar with a pool table and a small toilet and wardrobe section. John takes me into the room where your colleagues are and introduces me.

I look around and can understand why you wanted to bring a date—this place is full of what seems like very desperate single guys and very annoying ladies. One lady, who introduces her herself as Cat, first tells me she organized this party and then immediately starts to flirt with me. John points me to my place which is straight across the table from him and Cat with your empty place next to me.

This is just wonderful.. I'm having a hard time avoiding Cat's lustful stares, hoping you will soon come and join us. I text you again asking you how long it will be, and I hear your phone sound in the hallway. Good. You are here now.

As you enter the room everyone turns to watch you. You are wearing a short and tight, black silk dress and you simply look breathtaking. I stand up and move your chair backwards. All eyes are on use as you sit down and I gently kiss your cheek to welcome you, whispering, "thank god you're here now. I swear Cat over there was going to eat me instead of dinner." I see you grin and then you kiss me back telling me that you're going to make it up to me.

As you say that I feel my manhood reacting. You have that effect on me. Just looking at those gorgeous curves, hearing that sweet voice making promises like, that turns me on instantly. I smile as I can see you are aroused as well. Your nipples harden and press against the silk fabric of your dress in the most adorably perky way. There’s a worried look on your face as you see me staring and I know you're hoping nobody else will notice. Cat, on the other side of the table, is obviously not pleased at all with us. I didn’t give her any attention and now I'm all over you.

I decide to tease you a bit for coming in late like that and start a conversation with Cat. John recognizes an opportunity when he sees one and begins to talk to you about some lame virtual world computer game for which he has just downloaded a bug-fix. Yeah, very interesting stuff. I grin and look at you for a short second, just long enough to realize that if looks could kill I'd be dead by now. I smile. As I hear John tell you an interesting story about how the computer bug got its name, my mind wanders off. It’s that dress you are wearing that is driving me crazy and you know it. The fabric fits you tight as a glove and the lace bodice gives an excellent view of your cleavage. The short skirt draws attention to your legs making them seem even longer than usual.

I watch you take your glass of wine from the table. Just as you're about to take a sip and listen to John's interesting trivia, I put my hand on your thigh. You almost choke as you feel my fingers under the table drawing lazy slow circles on the silk fabric. John is concerned and asks if you are ok. I grin when you tell him all is fine. You were just a little greedy drinking the wine. I see John frown as you are obviously having trouble trying to construct a decent sentence. 

What he doesn't know is that now my fingers are slowly pulling your dress up. My hand moves along your inner thigh and I am enjoying the smooth feel of your stockings. I slowly move my fingers higher and higher up. I can see from the blush on your face you are getting very aroused now and you are desperately trying to keep a straight face as my fingers almost touch your, no doubt by now, damp lace panties.

“Do you need some water?” I see you snap out of it as John repeats his question to you. You look at him as if you just seen a ghost. You grin, push my hand from your thigh, and stand up. Blushing in that cute way you have when you’re excited, you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom for a minute. As you walk away from the table I wonder what exactly you will do in there. My mind is running wild, but you return quickly.. that certainly wasn’t long enough for you to... euhm... help yourself. Still, I do notice the very confident grin on your face as you sit down. You ignore me and give John a very seductive smile. He is obviously delighted with your sudden attention and I swear he starts to glow as you ask him to please tell you more about those interesting bug-fixes. Then I feel you stuff something into the pocket of my jacket.

I carefully check my pocket and find your lace soaked panties. Oh my god. I realize now why you were grinning like that. While my other hand brings the fork to my mouth for another bite of the main dish I smile at you and tell you how much I like it. We both know I wasn’t talking about the salmon and you stare straight at me when I, again, put my hand on your legs. This time I ignore your stocking and gently lay my fingers over your sweetness, cupping your moist pussy right there at the dinner table. Longing for me, you move your hips a little, but I just hold my fingers there. not moving at all and make some small talk with Cat across the table. I feel how you pull on my jacket a little as to let me know I should just go for it, but I just turn my head and ask you “what’s the matter, Sweety?” speaking just a bit too loud. Suddenly it seems like everybody is looking at you. “Did you know…” you ask me and right then I let two fingers slide into your soaking wet pussy. “Euhm... did you know…” I see you struggling to continue, to complete your question. “That a software bug was named after an actual bug?” I grin and just reply, “Oh really?” clearly asking for you to elaborate.

You are by then too aroused and unable to say anything coherent. If you had have tried I’m quite sure only soft moaning would have come out. Now I start to slowly finger you. My fingertips slowly and gently move just in and out of your wet flower. Barely touching your clit but massaging the area around it. I feel you getting wetter and wetter. Luckily John seizes the opportunity to tell everybody the origin of the term bug and you seem to have made a narrow escape there. From previous dates I know you would be able to climax right there, despite the fact that you’re at a dinner table in a room full of people. I see your chest move as you start to breathe a little heavier. I lean over and softly whisper in your ear, so only you can hear me, “are you nearly there?” You just nod.

"Good" I say, and remove my hand to pick up my knife. I know you can now smell yourself on my fingers above the table as I eat the rest of my salmon. For a few moments you get weird looks from other people at the table, who seem to be worried about you staring and not really answering anybody. To the rest it must seem as if you are cold since your nipples are very hard by now. It seems you come to that same conclusion as you excuse yourself to go get your wrap. I excuse myself as well, to make sure you are alright I tell them. Ah, if only they knew…

I follow you to the lounge room, sneak in and, in the half dark I see you leaning on the pool table. I put my hand around your waist and pull you close to me. My other hand holds your panties up and I whisper “I think I’ve got something of yours.”

“So it seems” you mumble. You keep stare as I bury my nose in the delicate fabric of your panties. I hear you moan and say that we should go eat dessert then make up an excuse and go to your place. I pull you close and press your breasts against my chest. I feel your hard nipples.  “Kiss me” you demand. As our lips meet I feel you shiver. I move down and kiss your neck. My lips, tongue and teeth carefully play with your sensitive skin and you moan softly. I move my head back a bit and whisper that you are going to have to be silent. I smile wickedly turn you and gently bend you forward, leaning you over the pool table. “I won’t be just kissing you, Sweety. I’m going to fuck you hard and deep, so you better be quiet or everybody in the room over there is going to find out what a horny little slut you are.”

Again you shiver and I hear a faint protest from your lips, “You can’t. What if someone enters this room?” I just grin “Well he’ll get a great view, I guess.”  I then gently put my hand between your shoulders and push down against the pool table. You stand there in your high heels, in your short dress, with that lovely ass pushed up now. I know you want this badly despite your protests. I enjoy the view as I slowly pull up your dress over your ass. I run my fingers up your long sexy legs covered with those sexy stockings, caressing your naked sexy ass, admiring you bent over showing those moist glistering lips between your thighs.

I can no longer resist and slide three fingers deep inside your pussy. I see how you turn your head and bite your own wrist to prevent making noise. Mmm, you are indeed very wet already… I think you are ready for me now. In one smooth movement I pull my fingers out and push my hard swollen cock deep inside you. You bite your wrist even harder, but you cannot prevent a moan escaping your lips. I’m deep inside you with my balls tight against your thighs. I don’t move and wait to see if you will be able to keep still. Then I feel your pussy squeezing my cock, making a slight circular movement with your hips. That’s my signal as I slam myself even deeper into you. The whole room is quiet except for the sound of skin slapping against skin.

You are so excited that your juices just flow from your pussy all over my hard shaft and balls. My hands are on your hips as I keep pounding my cock inside you… hard… deep… not making a single sound.. harder… deeper… your soft moans muffled by your fingers… harder.. deeper… again, thrusting... harder… deeper… the throbbing of your clit and the tightening of your muscles tell me that you are about to climax so I stop. Our bodies feel locked together. You turn your head around, look at me and pout “don’t tease me.. not now!”

My hands caress your sexy back, glide over your sexy ass. Slowly I pull my cock further back despite your cute protesting little sounds. Then I push the head of my cock in between your ass cheeks. You look back over your shoulders again and moan “You can’t… not here... oh my god…” You try to wiggle forward but my hands on your hips hold you right where you are. As you try to stand, I shove my leg in between yours and force your thighs apart some more.

Again I slide a finger deep inside your pussy and massage your sweet juices in between your ass cheeks. I slowly shove the head of my cock in deeper… inch by inch.... slowly into your ass… I hear your moans getting louder and know that from that moment on you have forgotten where we are. My hard cock disappears completely inside your ass and I feel you relax.

Slowly I start to thrust in and out… You press your mouth into your wrist yet again… you feel so tight… you shiver as I slide two fingers into your pussy—then, as my thumb massages your clit, you lose control. I feel your pussy contracting, your hips shaking now…You push your ass tight against me. Faster and faster I fuck your ass now… harder... slamming deep into you. I swear your pussy is sucking at my fingers as my thumb rubs your clit without any mercy. “Cum for me, Sweety... you cum now…” and I feel you respond almost immediately. Your orgasm triggers mine, and I cum… filling you… releasing my seed inside you as you moan so loudly that for just a single second I’m afraid they might hear you. I continue to cum, and pulling my cock out I cover your ass with the last loads of my excitement.

A few minutes later, when we enter the dining room, laughter rises from your colleagues. Cat’s says, “oh my god you two! Have you have been kissing in some dark corner?” You avoid her look and I grin and kissing your fingers say, ”Yes… something like that..”

(inspired by a story found somewhere on the interwebs. 
It was written and used before during a Storytime event 
where Thorgal used to read erotic stories on SL voice)

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