Monday, November 3, 2014

So a lot can happen in a month ey?

Here we are again... already a month after I sat down and typed my first editorial on these pages hoping for a decent amount of views and maybe some encouraging words from fellow Second Life blog and magazine creators out there... needless to say at this point all my expectations were exceeded. Way over 3000 views!! Have to say I love you all! We were also featured on the Pornstar blog with a cool article - my only regret there is that I didn't even have to fuck anyone to get us that spot on their frontpage - we are actually doing this way too good if I don't get to corrupt anyone ;)

I just took a look at the material we have coming for you and I can tell you right now this next month will at least be as good as the previous. The Story Time blogs seem to be very popular with you all and last week I was allowed a preview on the theme of Lady Raven's next erotic musings and I can promise you you are in for a treat...

Speaking of treats with Halloween just behind us - you did all check out yesterdays Outdoor Halloween shoot and the Halloween fashion special right? Of course ideas for other festive days next few months are forming in are perverted minds all ready - because what's more fun then a little special roleplay right ;)

So - we introduced a Clublife category these past two weeks which we I still have a bit of a hard time (no pun intended) filling... (no pun here either..). So if you know any stylish, classy or simple amazingly arousing clubs to be featured here just let me know. We are also still looking for yet another photographer to take care of the last category we have in mind. So if you know you can add something to our team and have a distinctive style - let me know! I promise I won't bite...

Something else we still need... one or two writers who know their way around Second Life and have a good nose for arousing and exciting news from the grid and Second Life news stories in general... same applies - let me know and I'll promise I'll bite or won't bite depending on your kink!

So here we go again! You better prepare for another two weeks of gorgeous glamour shoots, arousing writing, spectacular fashion and much much more...

And remember; it's all just fun and pixels!

Thorgal McGillivary 

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