Wednesday, November 19, 2014

VIE Femme: Spirit Eleonora

VIE Femme's are special... wait, did I say special? VIE Femme's are amazing - they look gorgeous, drive us men wild and to make it even better - every VIE Femme has something unique that makes her just that little bit more special... So... does this VIE Femme qualify? *grins* She is the partner of the incorrigible Hard Rust and somehow we suspect it is not Hard who's calling the shots inside the alley... euhm.. I mean around the house. Nuff said right?

Anyways... without further a due, VIE MSL proudly presents:

-- Spirit Eleonora --

Name: Spirit Eleonara-Rust
Favorite activities on SL: I love love love to take pictures.  I also love to run the Seams and Dreams Burlesque Revue in Hard Alley...which will hopefully be up and running again soon.
Guilty Pleasures: I love to watch good roleplay.  I like to be a part of it too, but I am a bit of a voyeur.
Ambitions: I just want to keep taking pictures and learning new techniques.
Turn-ons: Intelligence, wit, sense of humor, confidence.
Turn-offs: Wishy-washiness, dishonesty, manipulators.
SL People I admire: There are so many I admire...Hard Rust being one of course.  I admire anyone who creates  things and takes pride in what they do...and people who are kind and treat people here like human beings and not just pixels.
If there's one SIM you need to visit its: I would really love to visit Neva River...I haven't made it there yet.


  1. Oh my....fantastic! Thanks so much Thorgal for asking me to be a part of this blog. You do have talented people working with you! these pictures, thanks YOU so much. ♥

  2. Great pics! They show of Spirit's sexy side wonderfully. Of course, Spirit left off one of her "Turn Ons"... a big PENIS! lol <3

  3. It was a pleasure working with you Spirit