Monday, November 10, 2014

Story Time: Papped

by Lady Raven, pictures by Be

She nodded once at the Maitre de as she walked up to the desk, slipping her mink from her shoulders and holding it out waiting for him to make a move to take it from her. ‘Has my guest arrived Franco?’ she questioned him as he almost ran around the desk to take the luxuriant fur from her hand.

Lady Raven
‘Yes Lady Raven, the gentleman is at your table by the window as you requested’ with a bow he lead her through the busy restaurant. She could see eyes following her as she sashayed across the floor, every inch of her screaming money and class.

A dark haired man looked up from the window seat and a smile crossed his face, creasing the scar on his cheek, his dark glasses hiding his eyes. He slouched back in his chair, crossing his long lean legs under the table. ‘Sam my dear, how good to see you’ Raven said, Franco hurrying to pull the chair opposite the young man out for her. She elegantly tucks her short dress under her bottom as she takes her seat ‘I hope the clientele haven't bothered you too much’.He laughs ‘Not too much, just two autographs so far, the price I pay for being a Rock Star’ he smiles at her sardonically.  ‘Let's order some champagne and we can discuss your proposition. A bottle of Bollinger please Franco’.

‘Of course Mr Banks’ and with that the head waiter scurried away, hurrying to please his high profile clients, its not everyday he gets a famous rockstar and a infamous socialite in the restaurant.

An hour later finds Raven and Sam finishing their main course, Raven delicately dabbing her lips with her serviette, ‘I am so glad you have agreed to the auction, I am sure the ladies bids on you will go sky high for an evening in the company of a famous sexy star,’ reaching across she touches his hand ‘especially one with a body like yours and its for such a good cause’. Her small perfectly manicured fingers trace the veins in the back of his hand and her eyes darken, glittering in the candlelight under her sooty lashes. ‘Delicious’ she leans in a little, seeing his eyes drawn to her cleavage, she smiles ‘The lobster satisfied my hunger a little’ He looks up, suddenly aware of how her voice has deepened, his eyes meet hers and he puts his other hand on top of hers firmly ‘how much would you bid Lady Raven?’ he smirks, squeezing her hand.

She pulls her hand free and rises to her feet ‘Oh I don't believe I would have to pay Sam, do you? Excuse me for a moment I need to powder my nose and then I shall have to see about feeding my hunger.’ She walks towards the ladies room, hips swaying seductively and looks over her shoulder at the rock star, smiling as she sees his eyes are pinned on her tightly clad buttocks, then noticing her looking at him he glances up and catches her giving him a long slow wink. With a smiles playing on her lush lips she pushes open the door to the corridor leading to the toilets. Sam sits there staring at the door, wondering to himself if he misread her, then looks around the room, seeing that everyone is concentrating on their food, he rises and also makes his way to the door and pushing through it he peers into the dimly lit passage. He pauses a moment, to his right are the doors to the ladies and gents, to his left the doors to what he presumes are the kitchen and maybe office, with the rear exit down at the bottom of the corridor. The ladies toilets door is slightly open and he walks quietly towards it, placing his hand on the door he pushes slightly peering in.

‘I think you have the wrong room Sam’ Raven is leaning against the wall next to the toilet, smoking a cigarette, ‘or did you bring dessert with you?’ She curls a finger beckoning him to her. He checks over his shoulder then quickly moves into the room, shutting the door behind him. He stalks over to her, no longer doubting her intentions and pulls his jacket off throwing it to the floor in his haste. Her husky laugh echoes against the tiles as she throws the cigarette in the toilet and sinks to her knees, grabbing the waistband of his trousers. She cups the growing bulge in his pants and squeezes ‘mmmm I see you did’.

He draws in a breath, his excitement mounting, this sophisticated creature, all money and class on her knees before him, scarlet lips open invitingly. ‘Not such a lady’ he growls, quickly undoing his pants and letting his cock spring free, thrusting his hips forward, brushing the tip of his hardening dick against that hot mouth, he groans and grabs a handful of her ebony hair, pulling her to him. ‘A slut that likes to be fed cock I see’

She flutters her eyelashes at him innocently, raising one eyebrow and snakes out the tip of her tongue, flicking the tip over his cum slit as she wraps her slim fingers around his fat girth. He lets out a long low gasp and pulls on her locks forcing her mouth down onto his dick, truth be told not too much force involved as she willing parts her lips and envelops his cock head in her hot little mouth. ‘Oh fuck’ he groans ‘you are a dirty girl aren't you?’ he whispers as she starts to suck with all the expertise of a hooker, sliding those full lips up and down his shaft, her fingers massaging his velvet skin, her other slipping between his thighs to cup his ball sack. His eyes roll back in his head in pleasure and he pumps his hips sinking his cock to the back her throat.

She looks up at him with those startling eyes and almost without a gag swallows his cock into her pale slender throat almost to the hilt. Her neck visibly bulging with the girth of him, throat muscles convulsing, massaging his shaft, a glisten of saliva gathering at the corners of that greedy mouth.

‘Oh shit, I can't stand it!’ he cries and pulls her up by her hair to her feet, slamming her against the wall, pulling her dress up around her waist. He fumbles for her panties realising she isn't wearing any and grabs a handful of silky thigh hoisting it around his waist and ploughs his aching cock balls deep into her slit.

‘Yes yes!’ she sobs, wrapping her arms around his neck and thrusting her pelvis against him, grinding into him in need. The heel of her shoe digs into his meaty buttock as he hammers his cock home again and again. ‘Fuck me, fuck me!’ She calls out, only vaguely aware that someone might hear her as her orgasm builds in her belly. ‘Fuck yes you slutty bitch’ he growls, his balls tightening and with a final thrust he explodes, his hot seed filling her pussy as she screams out joining him in a climax that rocks her head back against the tiled wall with an audible thump.

FLASH! CLICK! ‘What the fuck!’ they both turn towards the door, startled eyes wide. In the open doorway a man with a camera, FLASH! CLICK! again. ‘Hey you!’ Shouts Sam pulling away from Raven and fumbling to pull up his trousers, but it is too late, the photographer turns on his heels and bolts, shouting over his shoulder ‘youve been papped!’

Names have been changed to protect the wicked.

Written by Lady Raven

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